What do you mean, “Go Away”?

A very young Fox squirrel, willing to scold and fight me over what he felt was his right to the sunseeds on the deck. I was half way out the window taking these, so perhaps not as good as they could be. He was bouncing on the branch, flicking his tail, and going into a repeated “I’ll fight!” stance. Little asshole. 1500 x 996, click for full size.




© C. Ford. All rights reserved.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    The first conveys the threat in a very “Hollywood” fashion. The two latter are a bit more subtle to the human eye. Great captures.

    Is the reflection of the window on the eye to the lower left of the bright sky reflection?

  2. rq says

    Cute little stinker.
    I’ve been peering into the reflections of his eyes, too, trying to figure out what he was seeing. (It always works from photographs of dead people on CSI!)

  3. johnson catman says

    I have always called squirrels “rats with fuzzy tails” in a disparaging manner because of their ability to get into any and everything (especially our bird feeders). I tend to think you would not like the comparison. I would also wager that your pets are more well-mannered than squirrels in general (at least the ones I have contact with).

  4. says

    The reflection is part of the deck, the front deck pine (little asshole was in the side deck pine), and a tiny bit of the house.

    Oh, squirrels are rats. Rodents, at least. I wouldn’t mind the comparison in the least. Plenty of posts on Rattitude (my rat blog), about wanting to nail rats by the tail onto the walls. They are all mischievous, curious, and prone to trouble making. Also, like us, they get easily bored. Rats of any kind can drive you up a tree!

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