Simon Stalenhag.

Simon Stålenhag has an amazing body of work, paintings which are sci-fi, dystopian, poignant, a little bit sweet, a little bit horror. It was really difficult to choose some to post here, they are all fabulous. Have a visit at Simon’s gallery, it’s well worth it.  Click for full size.








All art by Simon Stålenhag. Simon Stålenhag Art Gallery. The prices for prints is very reasonable, I think I’m going to have to indulge once. Or seven times.


  1. Ice Swimmer says


    The first few are clearly set in America, but the rest seem to be set in Sweden. Those set in Sweden hit pretty close to home to me. because the architecture and cars are so much like they are here. Judging by the cars and computers, the time period depicted is 1990s.

  2. says

    He has another series, Things from the Flood, where a number of the objects are obviously Swedish. They are all fantastic.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    Apart from the alien tower and the balloons in the middle, this is what typical lower or lower-middle class suburbs built in the 1970s look like in Finland and Sweden in the winter.

  4. rq says

    Deliciously creepy, these ones. I like how subtle some of them are, and how obvious others. Like there’s a story behind each picture.

  5. says


    Like there’s a story behind each picture.

    There is a story -- you have to start at the beginning and go through to the end. It’s amazing, the whole thing.

  6. rq says

    I like the winter landscape with the bus.
    Sorry, I hadn’t been to his site yet; work interfered, but I’m going through it all now. :)

  7. Ice Swimmer says

    Marcus Ranum @ 12

    An agricultural looking mecha. The head looks like a tractor hood/engine compartment.

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