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    I’d love to know some of the tech details of how this was done. It’s a gorgeous shot.

    (Lately I’ve been playing a lot of Elite: Dangerous and since the horizons mod with planetary landings, I’ve been driving around on a lot of moons that look pretty much like ours. It’s amazing the degree to which video games are now regularly photo-real. The other day I saw a NASA “artists’s rendering” of a distant planet and shrugged; I see better all the time…)

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    I’m sure Saad will be by at some point, and be happy to give details. It’s a gorgeous shot, I’m really lousy at getting a decent moon shot.

  3. Saad says


    This was done with a telephoto lens at 300mm on tripod and a release cable to minimize camera shake. IIRC, I used a slightly high ISO to keep the shutter speed fast too. Then color corrected and sharpened in post.

    Marcus, #1

    I had quite a bit of fun with various night sky mods in Skyrim. It was almost as fun walking around just looking up as it was actually playing the game. Now if only No Man’s Sky would hurry up and come out…

  4. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin points out that on close smelling the pong vents were obviously open when that snap was shot. Pong vents are used to relieve the pressure when the smell from the Vieux Boulogne, Pont l’Evêque, and various other cheeses threatens to take on a life of its own. Having animate smells wafting around the Massive Orbital Cheese Vault (acronym MOON due to bad inscribing on a clay tablet) tends to put the other, more delicate cheeses off. So the Vieux Boulogne, et al., are stored in special chambers ultimately connected to the pong vents. Or the water supply — as a very effective disinfectant — albeit there are complaints from the sea-trolls.

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