1. Ice Swimmer says

    The bigger sister species to the Finnish national bird (Whooper swan, Cygnus cygnus). Am I right that these dinosaurs are best viewed from a respectful distance, at least they’re big and strong?

  2. abear says

    Yes and no. These are strong, powerful birds, among the heaviest flighted birds, up to 38 pounds. They will defend their nests against predators as large as wolves.
    A farmer I know told me of how he tried to get his German Shepherd to chase them off his hay fields without luck. I’ve heard that their wings are so powerful they can break a man’s arm.
    They keep their distance from people though, especially on fields so if one beat you up you would probably be asking for it. :-)
    They spend the winter here, SW BC Canada and are now mostly headed north.
    They are gorgeous birds. I sometimes have flocks flying low over my house and to hear the sound their wings make along with their signature trumpeting call is really great.

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