Carl Strüwe: Microcosmos


Carl StrüweCourtesy Steven Kasher Gallery, New York

Carl Strüwe: Microcosmos showcases more than 50 black and white photos from the photographer’s archive. They’re a fascinating blend of art and science—despite the fact that Strüwe didn’t consider himself a scientist. A self-taught photographer, he worked as a graphic designer for most of his life in Bielefeld, Germany. In the waning days of World War II, a bomb fell on Strüwe’s studio and destroyed most of his prints, but the end of the war saw his career to take off. He had solo shows in the US and Europe and in 1955, published a compilation of his micrographs in the book Formen des Mikrokosmos.

Carl Strüwe: Microcosmoswill be on show from April 15 – June 4 at the Steven Kasher Gallery in New York.

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