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    At least you live where homes have insulation. Back in January, nearly a hundred people died across Taiwan when temperatures were near zero. The predicted lows for this weekend are just as bad, into low single digits, at a time when normal temperatures are in the low 20s. I’ll be fine because I’m used to it, but the poor will be the ones who suffer most and there could be more deaths.

    In other news, the Rockefeller family is claiming “Continued oil drilling is unethical”, criticizing the industry they made their wealth on. They want to avoid their own culpability for climate change.

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    Jesus Christ, that’s fucking awful. Humans aren’t exactly great on the forethought front. I’m afraid we’re all in for it when it comes to climate change. The effects have been fairly obvious here in North Dakota, but just try and get people to take it seriously…nope. It’s akin to my near fury at the abandon with which people here mow down flowers, right in the middle of farm country, where you’d think there would be some godsdamn understanding of the pollination problem.

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    And anyone who tries to say that freezing to death is a painless way to die is full of shit. I’ve had hypothermia, and it is not painless at all.

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    On the brighter side of things, last year’s drought is not as bad as it was. The reserviors for major cities were as low as 19% capacity last year, all under 30%. Constant rain from September to now means the largest ones are full, though the southern ones in less populated ares are still only at 60%. But people seem to have gotten the message and aren’t wasting water like they used to.

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