How will atheists explain THIS?

After a spate of applying for some jobs I somehow ended up on several wingnut emails lists. As annoying as it is, that marketing method works, I open them from time to time, whenever I need a laugh, or a sob. What’s shocking isn’t the sheer magnitude of the lies, it’s how badly their own, sincere righties, are openly preyed on by shysters with the full cooperation and aide of the GOP establishment. It’s just one scam after another. Today the subject was “How will atheists explain THIS!?”

That link goes to a page that screams in large red letters: [Read more…]

Former Senator teams up with anti-vax quack to fleece loyal supporters

It has been said that every great cause starts out as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually turns into a racket. See exhibit A: the right-wing infotainment complex. That transformation took decades to complete. But former Massachusetts Senator Scot Brown (R-sociopath) may have set a new land-speed record by renting his email list out to a quack MD in exchange for a piece of the action: [Read more…]

Wanna turn your brown eyes blue?

A new procedure being developed by a doctor in California may turn your brown eyes blue, literally, for $5,000:

Dr. Homer tells KTLA that all brown-eyed people have blue pigment in their irises too — and a quick session under a specially-tuned laser can destroy the melanin in the eye, with the change occurring gradually over two weeks. The procedure can not change blue eyes to brown.

It’s still being tested. And other doctors are skeptical, pointing out the procedure could have unintended consequences and pose risk to vision. Whatareyakiddingme? If this thing works half as well as Doc Homer hopes, he’s gonna become a multimillionaire.