Dinosaurs farted their way to extinction?

The K-T impact site in southeast Mexico as revealed by surface features and geophysical analysis

That’s what the headline says sans the question mark I put in at the end, added because I am skeptical. And while it’s certainly interesting research, it’s fair to say that header looks a teensy-tiny bit over the top, perhaps intended to grab pageviews. Which in all fairness seems to have worked! [Read more…]

Don McElroy: Young Earth Creationist

This is Don McElroy, the guy who used to run the Texas Schoolboard, stating he believes dinosaurs and humans walked side by side. Technically, he might be right — if one accepts that modern birds evolved from raptorial dinosaurs. A view McElroy would have a hard time accomodating. But what’s more interesting are McElroy’s reasons for believing this. Intelligent design creationists make a big dog and pony show about how empirical evidence is the sole crtieria in their rejection of evolutionary biology, or the age of the earth. But so many of them, like McElroy, just can’t keep their yaps shut about the real reason: his specific, narrow religious beliefs.

Hare comes Peter Cotton-tail with big, pointy teeth!

Even as a young skeptic Easter Sunday was exciting for me. As children, my sisters and I could always count on finding a basket full of yummy chocolate treats waiting for us on Easter morning. How exactly the most important date in the Christian calendar came to be associated with an anthropomorphic pagan rabbit hiding colored candy eggs is a story for another day. But real rabbits also have a story. One nearly as mysterious, every bit as interesting, and as fun for the whole family, as Peter Cottontail’s. [Read more…]

Giant prehistoric snake coming soon to a town near you

PZ may have his colorful mollusca, aka cephalopods, but here at the Zingularity we’re talking giant prehistoric snake evolution like something right out of a b-movie! Meet Titanoboa, 50 feet long and weighing over a ton. It could have gulped down an adult with room left over for the rest of the family and its close cousins were even larger and more bizarre! [Read more…]

Us anti-science liberals have been taken to task by a brave anonymous emailer

Given the current anti-science jubilee going on among wingnut foot soldiers on the orders of their ignorant field commanders, you wouldn’t think they’d make a fuss about science. But you’d be wrong. One bold, fearless, anonymous member of the Keyboard Komanndos is mad as hell and they’re not gonna take it anymore! [Read more…]