Christian moron plans to imperil family all over again

Not long ago Sean Gastonguay almost killed his entire family by “fleeing the US’ by sea and getting lost in the middle of the Pacific.
Gastonguay claimed to be escaping an abortion friendly US government and ended up adrift for weeks. He ended up costing the taxpayers of several nations untold thousands of dollars and manhours to save his sorry ass and get home. I guess that was just a dry run, because he’s gonna do it again:

RW Watch — Sean Gastonguay appeared on TruNews with Rick Wiles yesterday to discuss his plans to leave with his wife and children once again to escape what he perceives as anti-Christian persecution. ..

He also talked to Wiles about how he believes the Old Testament law should be the basis for taxation and government and discussed how immigration reform will lead to biometric scanning, one of the End Times broadcaster’s favorite conspiracy theories.

About twenty years-ago I saw a fat red-neck down to the cowboy boots — with his two terrified tweener daughters and wife — come slithering around the base of part of Enchanted Rock out in Central Taxes and proceed to drag himself and family a few yards up an incline stretching out several hundred feet above them, with bulky cooler in tow. He periodically screamed at his kids to keep going, they wanted to stop and were near bawling from fear and obvious danger. It was one of the dumber things I’ve ever see at the popular rock-climbing area and I’ve seen people do a lot of stupid shit there. I happened to be teaching a climbing class at the time, and was able to act as de facto park ranger on matters related to climbing.

So I went up and bawled the guy out in front of his wife and kids, turned to them and got them down safely while explaining he may be one of the most reckless dumb-asses I’ve ever seen and not to listen to him anymore because he was going to get them all killed. Then I relished standing over him as he clung to the side of the featureless low-angle slab waving my finger in front of his face saying if he had a problem with any of that we could call for a ranger and some handcuffs and he could argue with them about it. The look on his face was priceless.

Someone needs to have a similar chat with this clown.


  1. Dunc says

    Surely there are easier ways to flee the US, if you really want to? I mean, you guys aren’t at the stage of needing exit visas yet, are you?

  2. leskimopie says

    Well clearly the first abysmal failure was planned by god so that it would bring widespread attention to their trip, and thus inspire all the other good christains to follow suit and flee the country as well.

    I mean, would anybody have even heard of them if they got it right the first time? Probably not, that’s PROOF that god is watching over them, and they are right. Praise white Jesus!

  3. unbound says

    @1 – Dunc – No exit visas per se, but you do have to have a passport to even cross over to Mexico or Canada. I’m sure Mr. Genius in this story is probably paranoid that the “gubmint” will prosecute him for being xtian and putting in the paperwork for a passport.

  4. says

    “…he believes the Old Testament law should be the basis for taxation..”

    So he’s planning on handing over livestock to the priests to pay his taxes? I hope he’s stocking up on blemish-free cattle and turtledoves.

  5. badgersdaughter says

    Don’t forget that leaving the US means entering somewhere else. That requires visas for the other place. Yes, we can leave, and stay for a visit, but we can’t work or access healthcare unless we are there under a suitable status. My UK-citizen husband and I found this so difficult that we had to go through the green card process to bring him to the US to live, and now we’re working on trying to save money and figure out a way to move back home.

    Honestly, you “why don’t you just leave” people remind me of when I was a battered spouse years ago. It’s not enough to just leave. You have to have a place to go.

  6. lorn says

    Time for other nations to put a limit on how many religious wackos they will allow in. Most nations have limits on the sorts of communicable diseases you are allowed to have on-board before you get denied entry. IMHO it could be argued that crazy fundamentalism and dangerous religious wackiness is a form of communicable disease that might put their citizens at risk.

  7. Nentuaby says

    Answered my own question. Kiribati. Which is:
    1) A member of the Commonwealth of Nations. LOL totally what he wants.
    2) Overcrowded the the point of forcibly expatriating *natural* citizens. Toooootally going to want a load of boaters.
    3) ‘In June 2008, Kiribati officials asked Australia and New Zealand to accept Kiribati citizens as permanent refugees. Kiribati is expected to be the first country to lose all its land territory to global climate change. In June 2008, the Kiribati president Anote Tong said that the country has reached “…the point of no return.”‘

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