Revenge is a Dinesh best served cold

Like you, I have suffered through the strange career arc of one Dinesh D’Souza. Born into privilege in a third-world country, rose through the ranks of the wingnut welfare system, author of several highly inaccurate books and writer of more terrible columns than I care to recount or remember, Mr D’Souza may be finally be facing some fateful consequences for his many instances of mendacity: [Read more…]

GOP base lashes out at budget deal: An inconvenient poutrage


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The Republican base doesn’t like the budget worked out by the Republican controlled House between seasonal McScrooge Paul Ryan and centrist dems. Boehner finally couldn’t take the bullshit anymore and lashed out at the base: [Read more…]

Sunday school for atheists


“No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.

I posted Friday that I’m fighting CIGNA for two and a half months of Short Term Disability pay they owe me. That pay is only 60% of hourly base, minus a week here and there they call an initiation period of or some shit, so it works out to about $6.05 an hour even if I win. Sometime in the next few days or weeks I’ll be fired if they continue to blow me off. Here’s the real kicker though: In Texas you don’t get to file for unemployment if you’re deemed too unhealthy to work full time.

Under this system it is entirely possible for CIGNA to decide having a serious problem that initially caused a heart attack followed by an array of complications, some of which could have killed me or rendered me a vegetable, aren’t serious enough to qualify for the pay. They would decree I’m too healthy. And that would be enough to get me finally fired. But at the same time, when filing for unemployment and having to list the reason for being separated from service, Texas could legally decide I’m too unhealthy to work, deny people like me unemployment on those grounds, and basically tell us tough luck pal, you should have applied for short term disability! [Read more…]

Jesus weeps at the Pope


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I can personally bear witness that poverty is a lot more fun when there’s company and the Pope is making it cool. Especially when he’s pointing out how rigged the game has become. Last week the Pontiff drew praise from all corners when he further noted just a few of the many grotesque inequalities between the growing have-nots and the tiny 0.1% of the have-more-and-mores. The World Nut Daily didn’t like that shit one bit, it could upset their entire scam, so they’ve come roaring back with one of the golden oldies of class-war imperialism: the Pope is making baby Jesus cry! [Read more…]

The filibuster is in jeopardy


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As luck would have it, one of my family members is in ICU and I have a series of comprehensive medical tests today myself, so I may be scarce for a day or two. In the meantime please consider a small donation to your humble atheist blogger this week. I really need it and no amount is too small. Thanks to those of you who pitched in already!

Back in the darkest days of the Bush administration and Tom DeLay’s house of horrors, Republicans threatened to nuke the Senate filibuster. I’m proud to say my colleagues at Daily Kos and I responded with, go for it. It’s a dumb arcane artifact of Senate rules that obstructs ledge and gives individual and small groups of senators the ability to legally shake down industries and star in their own dramatic CSPAN grandstand. Since 2008 the GOP has used it a record number of times to thwart progressive policies and block everything in sight. It appears Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has finally had enough: [Read more…]

It’s beginning to look a lot like the war on Christmas

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Ahh the holidays, my favorite time of the year. And while I had hoped to wait until next week to start blegging for holiday reader contributions, circumstances have forced me to hang out that shingle starting today. I’ll have the gruesome details later, but it’s bad: let’s just say my employer doesn’t particularly want someone who suffered a heart attack and a bunch of related and precursor complications on their pristine rolls. Which means no more disability, and in a few weeks I’ll either be on Cobra or in big, big trouble, smack dab in the middle of treating a potentially fatal condition. The Cobra premiums are ghastly, about 700 bucks a month, but with your help I might be able to pull it off. Thank FSM for Obamacare, which I will enroll in this month for coverage to begin next year and they can’t deny or fuck me over on cost because the ACA won’t let them. ::Evil liberal cackle::

Speaking of the holidays, Madam Half-Governor Queen of Rightwing Spectacle, who no doubt never has to worry about health insurance or employment even though she can’t differentiate ex with or without search engine help, has a ghostly-written book to sell, a war against the imaginary war on Christmas to wage, and an ax to grind. This week she takes aim at that socialist Pope, because he’s been showing too much concern for the have-nots: [Read more…]

Election day all over again


Time is definitely going by faster as I age. It seems like only a couple of months ago that we were electing a President and now it’s that time of year again. There are a number of interesting races worth following, starting the VA governor’s race between Terry McAuliffe and the Cooch. This should be a no brainer, Cooch is running against both all kinds of reproductive rights and oral sex just to name a couple of nutty and dangerous positions the man holds. But it’s closer than it should be: [Read more…]

Those who fool us


I seem to be feeling a bit better, finally, at least for now. And I came across this image while following links on a social inequality piece a few days ago. It’s from the time of Karl Marx. Boy, they dialed in that religious platform eh? In fact the whole thing It seems quite applicable today. It’s probably a good thing for the US that Marxists didn’t incorporate religion into their ideology. Had they woven in a Sermon on the Mount, with Jesus-was-a-hippy-commie religious justification, who knows how things might have ended up?

One of the big problems with communism  was the mechanism for passing on power. In the USSR, uber sociopath Stalin got ahold of the reins and that was the end of that. But how would one prevent wealth from influencing and eventually taking a hold of democracy? It’s happened here many times and we’re smack dab in the middle of it again, with the usual dismal result for the vast majority of citizens.


Herman Cain blames Satan


Herman Cain, a blast from the past. Another over-paid pampered CEO whose ego grew so huge he thought he could really be President. Cain was never going anywhere of course, but don’t think for a second he knew that, far from it. These clowns have way more faith in themselves than your average non-pathological person would imagine. But what brief intersection Cain had with that fantasy was cut short by multiple allegations he was a hound. Now, Herman Cain knows who to blame: [Read more…]