ABC News/WaPo abortion poll


The con played on social conservatives is to make it look like conservative politicians are fighting tooth and nail to outlaw abortion and a bunch of other reproductive freedoms, without actually doing anything about it. Because outlawing it would be hugely unpopular and, more importantly to the scam, take it off the table as an issue to marry the real policies such as tax cuts and deregulation to. You can see why the 20 week deal is suddenly so popular in many states now.


  1. mikeyb says

    Of course the 20 Wk deal is mainly a subterfuge to do other thinks like (a) eliminate or severely restrict access to abortion services, (b) add intrusive and unwarranted requirements like ultrasounds and vaginal screens and (c) add further odious restrictions such as no abortions for rape/incest or life of the mother. The latter three items should be of even greater concern than the relevant but less important debate as to where the demarcation point should be where abortions are legal/illegal.

  2. jws1 says

    I guess I’m missing it: why is the “20-week deal” so popular at the moment? I don’t see the connection you’re trying to make. Because it’s a more popular stance to take?

  3. Pteryxx says

    Note that Texas passed a 20-week ban, buried in all the other restrictions in the previously-filibustered omnibus bill, and then within hours of the bill’s signing introduced a SIX-week abortion ban.

    There’s nothing special at all about 20-week bans, or six-week bans, or trigger laws, or hospital admitting privileges, or TRAP laws disguised as clinic safety standards. They’re all just means of gaining plausibility and dragging out the fight.

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