And yet more racism at the RNC

This was a GOP latina who took the podium as part of procedure, some other faction didn’t like the rules. So they started shouting “Go Back Home” and “USA, USA”. Yeah, that happened yesterday too.


  1. Stevarious says

    I saw this one the feed of a Libertarian friend of mine, but according to him, there was a small group of Paulites shouting ‘Seat Maine Now’ at the beginning, and the USA chants were started by the Romneyites to drown them out.

    I didn’t hear anything racist but my ears are not what they used to be.

  2. dean says

    I saw a short story at Huffington that said the USA chants weren’t aimed at her, it was the ron paul loons chanting at a decision not to seat some of their folks and some other item that they felt was rammed through. Another blog, which originally reported it as the Puerto Rican woman being shouted down, now says

    the outburst chronicled below was the tail end of a demonstration led by Ron Paul supporters over allowing the Maine delegation to sit.

    Given paul’s past love affair with racists I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this occurred, but it seems that it was one of those peculiar happenstances of timing.

  3. jaranath says

    So the respect for the woman that Priebus was calling for wasn’t about direct disrespect but indirect neglect as they squabbled over Paul…? I could see that.

  4. navigator says

    Well, my hearing is not very good and I rely on lipreading a lot. And I believe several of the people shown were saying, “Go back home”. I could however be wrong.

  5. StevoR says

    I herad a few “Go back homes” in it and lots of “USA! USA!” chants – which wernt on throughout and were yelled at Ryan during his speech as heard in the news coverage earlier today. The woman speaking there didn’t look Latino to me but appeared more caucasian in appearance although she did apparently come from Porto Rico. Not that skin colour or “racial” appearance should matter at all of course and I’m no expert in the field of telling people’s races or on racism. But for my two cents worth.

    The Ron Paul faction certainly haven’t been happy there from all I’ve seen / heard and them kicking up a fuss at any stage including this one and being unrelated to the speaker seems quite plausible. Is it clear that the chants of “Go back home” where directed at the Latino lady or at others such as the paulites who were causing hassles there? Dunno. Not a clear cut case of racism from what I grok here. Perhaps it could be, perhaps not.

  6. StevoR says

    Dangnabbed typos. Make that :

    Is it clear that the chants of “Go back home” where were directed at the Latino lady or at others such as the paulites who were causing hassles there?

    I do know the diference, and I suck at typing, I know. :-(

    Answer to that question – no, not clear from that I think.
    In grudging fiarness this posisble episode could have been taken out of context and a misunderstanding of what is being said to whoem.

    Could be wrong but I reckon there’s enough clearer cases of racism that we don’t need to make false accusatuions of it based on such misunderstandings and out of context unclarities.

  7. StevoR says

    To be clear – I’m not saying this is a false accusation only that it might be and we just don’t know. Not from this clip alone anyhow.

    If it is racism then it should be called out as such.

    If it isn’t, well we shouldn’t jump to conclusions too quickly and accuse anybody of being racist if they’re not.

    Perhaps Andrew you should add a question mark or the word “possibly” after the word “and” in the title here?

  8. says

    Well, regardless of what they were saying and why, I’m going to go ahead and jump right to the conclusion that many if not most of those shouting ARE racists.

    Because they are Republican delegates who voted on and passed a platform that is racist.

  9. grumpyoldfart says

    I like the way all their hostility is directed towards the podium. but every now and then it completelty disappeared as their eyes flicked towards the camera (and they wondered if they were properly framed and looking important).

    Some of them didn’t even know the words. When the camera was on them, they just opened their gobs and flapped their gums. They didn’t even try to look enthusiastic.

  10. captainahags says

    @8 “Go back home” was what I got from that as well, although I’m not an expert at reading lips.

  11. Midnight Rambler says

    Gahh…I’m so sick of seeing this. It’s all based on Jack Hitt’s misreading of what was going on, and because that reflects the well-deserved reputation for racism among Republicans, it goes viral. Everyone else reported it differently, and that version makes a lot more sense. The Paulbots were chanting “seat them now” (which you can hear in the video at 0:20-24), not “go back home”, referring to the Maine delegation. The ones shouting “USA” are the Romney supporters trying to drown them out. The speaker was stuck in the middle as the person the organizers dragged on to pretend everything was going on normally.

  12. den1s says

    Dang!, I must watch way too much WWE, because to me it sounds, and at one point, looks as though they are shouting “YOU TAPPED OUT! YOU TAPPED OUT!…. which confuzzled me good.

  13. TxSkeptic says

    I saw the story yesterday. It was a dustup with the Paul supporters. She was to give the delegate credentials report where the RNC decided to replace some of Maine’s Paul delegates with Romney delegates. They were rightfully pissed.

  14. Akira MacKenzie says

    I saw this one the feed of a Libertarian friend of mine, but according to him, there was a small group of Paulites shouting ‘Seat Maine Now’ at the beginning, and the USA chants were started by the Romneyites to drown them out.

    Suuuuuuure it was, and Santa Claus will bring presents to all the good gentile boys and girls this Christmas.

  15. Crudely Wrott says

    What the fuck are these people afraid of?

    Oh, yeah. Immigrants and the children of immigrants, which they all are.

    Cue their ancestors spinning in graves in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1.

    Ancestors who took seriously the ideals contained within the phrase “to form a more perfect union“, which is why many of them came here in the first place. So that their progeny could live in a place where everyone is accorded the same respect and dignity.

    The delegates are merely sports fans, taking their greatest delight in the noise that they together make, grinning and nodding and thinking of nothing but privilege by virtue of their orgiastic volume in their smug mosh pit of adulation.

    I write this with the sad expectation that something equally as disheartening will characterize the DNC confab which, oh, bother, will happen just up the road from where I live now. The noise will be unavoidable and, well, noisome. Can we just vote and get it over with?

  16. revjimbob says

    I think it is unfair to use this as an aexample of racism. It doesn’t look or sound like ‘Go Home Now’ to me, and I read that they were protesting about something which happened before she came on.
    Let’s take the moral high-ground here, and not make shit up like the right do.
    It looked to me like ‘Let Them Know’.

  17. Eric R says

    I agree with #20, let leave confirmation bias to the right and not fall for it ourselves, we have far more explicit evidence of racist views at the RNC and dont need to make up instances of it to reinforce our opinions.

  18. A+ Hermit says

    Just to pile on the debunking; I saw a couple of reports on this, it was the Paulites shouting “seat them now” and the rest of the crowd trying to drown them out by chanting “USA”. The lady from Puerto Rico was just collateral damage.

    The Republicans are bad enough on their own, we don’t need to invent stuff to slap them around with…

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