Ryan-Romney forced to respond to ‘Legit Rape’ comments

Rep. Akin’s stupid remarks about legitimate rape versus whatever the hell he thinks another kind might be has raged through the media and will be front and center tomorrow. Naturally, Ryan-Romney distanced themselves, with bold and forceful timidity, saying they don’t agree with Akin:

TPM— The position is somewhat consistent for Romney, who has said he favors making abortion illegal except in the case of rape, incest or “to save the life of the mother.” Before he ran for president in 2008, Romney ran as a pro-choice Republican in Massachusetts.

Ryan has been more consistent over the long-term when it comes to abortion, and the rape exemption called for by the Romney campaign would represent a big shift for him. Ryan is among the most socially conservative members of Congress on abortion, favoring a ban even in cases of rape and incest.

It’s always satisfying to make pandering assholes like Mitt Romney own their unpopular policies du jure and have to take a stance (Gasp!). It’s even more fun when it reveals the split between Romney’s boy-toy and the rabid base vs the position favored by the vast, vast majority of voters. Or the paradox of Mr Small Government Paul Ryan, who would literally use the power of the State to force an adolescent to carry rapists’ progeny to term. It’s hard to imagine greater government tyranny than that in 21st century America.

Speaking of fundamentalist religion and ugly politics, isn’t it odd that no one in conservative media has asked this cycle about ‘having a beer’ with Mitt Romney? :::Evil grin:::


  1. Sunday Afternoon says

    Re “having a beer”: did you see Bill Maher this week? Terrible panel discussion (too much 3 people speaking at once), but the Romney oesn’t drink beer ad was hilarious.

  2. jakc says

    Rules for attending BYU include throwing your beer cans out in other people’s garbage and drinking only at bars where the football team drinks.

  3. F says

    I’ve never really been raped, but I just play it off legit. To game the system for cheap abortions and lulz. Freeloading on the dime of hard-working billionaires.

  4. ischemgeek says

    Totally agree with @ish on twitter who said something along the lines of “I misspoke” = “I accidentally said what I believe.”

  5. davidhart says

    Joey@4: “Du jour”. Unless you meant “de jure”‘ by the law, but that makes no sense.

    No, it’s a perfectly legitimate French borrowing – it just means, in this case, the unpopular policies which happen to be currently fashionable among pandering assholes.

  6. davidhart says

    Apologies for html fail. Also, I realise now that ‘legitimate’ was maybe a word I should have avoided given the context.

  7. Gvlgeologist, FCD says

    Since you’re not all my facebook friends, I’ll repost here what I said about it on FB:

    “”He later said he misspoke” = his ass really isn’t where he should pull out information from.

    And he got called on it.”

    And then I referenced Zingularity.

  8. d cwilson says

    I think we’re starting to see the serious damage the Fox echo chamber is having on the conservative brain. They’re so used to having whatever batshit crazy idea that pops into head being greeted with nods of approval that they’re genuinely surprised when sane people react with horror other their casual remarks.

    The damage is serious and widespread. Sununu was unable to handle Soledad O’Brien’s use of facts because he honestly thought you win debates by shouting and talking over the person, and when those fail, attack them with “argumentum ad labelum” as Ed calls it. That’s the way they do it on Fox, after all.

  9. anubisprime says

    Seems the US society is in imminent danger of total meltdown.

    When prigs like that can make a statement, then pretend they misspoke when the flak gets ikki in the media, and still lead in the polls then something is seriously and ominously wrong.

    A government led by jerk offs that believe fairy stories and promote absolute bollix that has even less evidence then their sky daddy is not likely to be a stable or coherent government.

    This is not the first time that Akin ‘misspoke’ this has been a consistent feature of his dogmatism for a while, this seems to be the first time he has been called on it though, but even Ryan is a ‘bruvver’ clone of this obnoxious bullshite…

    Ryan is among the most socially conservative members of Congress on abortion, favoring a ban even in cases of rape and incest.

    With a rightwing threatening to trash democracy and humanity in their own country all in the name of jeebus it would appear that the country is walking into a nightmare for women, homosexuals and atheists,they seem to slobber after Armageddon, and the rapture, seems it is going to come to pass if the American public really lose the plot and vote for these cretins!
    There will indeed be tears before bedtime for a significant proportion of American society.
    A government cannot expect widespread support if their doctrinal moralistic bollix is based of lies, bigotry, hatred, ignorance and sensationalism.

  10. dean says

    I mentioned over at Cuttlefish’s site that my 10th grade biology teacher told our class this same thing in 1972. Further, from a news story this morning, I found out this idea has been around for some time.

    The legal position that pregnancy disproved a claim of rape appears to have been instituted in the UK sometime in the 13th century. One of the earliest British legal texts, Fleta, has a clause in the first book of the second volume stating that:

    If, however, the woman should have conceived at the time alleged in the appeal, it abates, for without a woman’s consent she could not conceive.

    The story also mentioned a similar comment in Elements of Medical Jurisprudence, written by Samuel Farr, in 1814.

  11. Reginald Selkirk says

    Paul Ryan supports Personhood

    Romney’s choice for VP, Paul Ryan, is currently one of the 64 co-sponsors of the pro-personhood H.R. 212, known as the Sanctity of Human Life Act. He also co-sponsored the 2009 Sanctity of Human Life Act, H.R. 227.


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