Climate researcher Michael Mann cleared, again

Paleoclimate record for last 1000 years by Mann et al

I know Mike Mann, one of the progenitors of the Hockey Stick shown above. I consider him a friend and one hell of an expert to run things past. So I was happy to see this:

Finding no “evidence of research misconduct,” the Arlington, Virginia-based National Science Foundation closed its inquiry into Mann, according to an Aug. 15 report from the inspector general for the U.S. agency. Pennsylvania State University, where Mann is a professor of meteorology, exonerated him in February of suppressing or falsifying data, deleting e- mails and misusing privileged information.

This all stemmed from a theft of emails at a UK climate research facility in the Fall of 2009. Industry funded skeptics and their sadly misled followers combed through thousands of emails looking for the conspiracy they’d been assured existed. When none was found, the scumbags picked a few out of context phrases and leaned on the powers that be with all the might of Fox News and their merry band of dipshit viewers to crucify the scientists anyway. Mann was caught up in that witch hunt. It was an ugly sight: the ignorant and superstitious having a go at brains and careful analysis.

Since then he and every other scientists has been found to have committed no fraud or conspiracy or anything like that by half a dozen different investigations. This is about number seven to follow suit, although I’m starting to lose count.


  1. gerryfromktown says

    Can someone point to the best source for an update to the hockey stick graph that takes us to the present day?

  2. Reginald Selkirk says

    No, science is about systematic investigation of the natural world. Sharing data and methods are good ways to correct mistakes along the way though.

  3. jnorris says

    Stolen emails that fall into right wing nuts hands and not one word of a police investigation. Surprise!


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