1. Big Boppa says

    Here in northern Wisconsin I had a beautiful orb weaver in the struts of the sun shade on my pontoon boat a couple of days ago. She was gorging on a dragonfly at least 4 times her size. And there was another dragonfly husk lower down in the web so I’m guessing she was filling up for a future egg sac. I tried to get a pic with my phone but the wind was blowing so hard I couldn’t get it in focus.

  2. says

    This spring my wife and I got a newer used trailer to keep at a campground in the upper Ottawa Valley, run by pagans. When I was there a month ago, I discovered that little jumping spiders are common. I was reading in bed one afternoon and noticed one descending from the ceiling to land on the bed. I was afraid either I or the dog would accidentally squish it, so I grabbed a Kleenex and chased it around the bed for a couple of minutes until it was tired enough to stay on the Kleenex so I could take it outside. I’m always afraid of accidentaly hurting the tiny spiders if I use my hands.

    A couple of nights later I found one in the bathroom sink in the middle of the night. It was already exhausted and easy to scoop up onto a bit of TP.

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