Oh no, it’s a meme

Herbert Spencer would be so proud.

One quibble: evolution by natural selection isn’t the fundamental concept, it’s evolution, change, by multiple mechanisms.

The red button comic is also relevant.

Yeah, because it’s virtually impossible to teach a creationist anything.


  1. moarscienceplz says

    Yeah, there’s this guy in our atheist society. Smart guy, really fun to talk with but he just cannot accept the concept of junk DNA. I have pointed out that humans have multiple copies of the vitamin C gene, none of which work, and he insists they MUST be doing something beneficial, otherwise, why would we have them? It seems he can let go of a god only by believing he is the product of a fiercely efficient evolution.

  2. snarkhuntr says

    davex @2,

    Holy shit. I’ve been a fan for years as well, and literally never clicked on that button.

  3. seachange says

    ??? It’s a big red button! Big red buttons look alarming and dangerous, which they are. Humans push them anyways.

  4. Michael Minnig says

    There’s also a THIRD gag if you hover your mouse anywhere on the comic. This comic’s was “There may have been funnier joke ideas, but this is the one that got itself drawn.”