1. John Small Berries says

    And now I’m imagining the opening credits of an alternate-universe version of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, in which she’s hyperfixated on spiders rather than whales.

  2. divineconspiracy667 says

    Not gonna lie, I do miss the cephalopod discussions a bit.
    Although you have made me take a bit more of an interest in the spiders I find around the home. I even let the ones I find outside live now, unless they’re black widows.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    This certainly beats the horse-scorpion-locusts in the Book of Talking When High on Hallucinogens (aka Revelations).

  4. Reginald Selkirk says

    One of eight billion

    When you tell someone “You are one in a million” you are telling them, “there are 1400 people just like you … in China.”

  5. Scott Simmons says

    My wife still makes me relocate spiders found in the house, but our son is finally on board with pushing back. Last week, he said: “Why are we evicting her? Count the mosquitoes in that web! That spider is doing the Lord’s work!” :-D

  6. davidvaletntinehartmann says

    You are 65 and STILL an associate professor? mmmmmm . . . And still spouting your anti-belief-in-anything-but-what-I think opinions on your mighty BLOG racket machine. Sorry, you never left the Lutheran Church, but you are trying very hard on being the martyr of your own religion: Materialist Nihilism. Well, someone has to do what you do, you just keep on doing it while you can.

  7. fishy says

    You said the spider populations are declining and the neighbors won’t let you in to see their collections.
    My sewer drains out to the street, as expected. Unlike my neighbors, and because this house has issues, I have a private manhole that accesses the outlet to the street.
    If you want to find spiders find a hole to crawl into.