Jebus, but I detest his smug smirking face

But he’s right.

That’s exactly what the Supreme Court is trying to do, impose a Catholic Taliban on us…although the “Taliban” part is totally redundant. This is exactly what a purely, strictly, orthodox, traditional Catholicism wants, we don’t need to blame the Muslims for it.

You know, the Founding Fathers would have been horrified at the thought of women and Catholics on the court. It’s odd how these fanatical Originalists can ignore that.


  1. says

    In 1960 (within my lifetime), there had not been a Catholic president, and the mere idea of a Catholic president was anathema to many in the US. John F. Kennedy had to give a special speech in Houston, TX to defuse the issue:

    I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute, where no Catholic prelate would tell the president (should he be Catholic) how to act, and no Protestant minister would tell his parishioners for whom to vote; where no church or church school is granted any public funds or political preference; and where no man is denied public office merely because his religion differs from the president who might appoint him or the people who might elect him.

    While often framed as Kennedy having to overcome religious bigotry, I personally will always be suspicious of a candidate who belongs to an organization headed by a leader who is believed to be infallible.
    Wait, what do you call an organization like that? There’s a word for it…
    Interesting that our current president is Catholic. Although in this case, I voted for him because, among other issues I had, his opponent believes himself to be infallible.

  2. Bruce says

    The only Protestant (barely, raised Catholic) male on the Supreme Court is Gorsuch. The Founding Fathers would have thus said, “originallistically,” that the court now has 8 vacancies for Biden to fill. Republicans who whine about Original Intent are hypocritical.

  3. mordred says

    Germany for a change has some good news concerning the Vatican Mafia:,kirchenaustritte-zahl-steigt-100.html It seems the German Catholic church has lost a record number of paying members last year! 359338 quit, adding in the ones who left by dying we get a loss of 547125 members!
    The clerics feel really bad about that. And talk a lot of rubbish.

  4. raven says

    Actually, in RealityLand, the Supreme Court repeal of Roe versus Wade is going to be the worst nighmare of the white racists like Fuentes. It is going to accelerate their Nonwhite Replacement event.
    Xpost from Infinite Thread

    “President Trump, on behalf of all the MAGA patriots in America, I want to thank you for the historic victory for white life in the Supreme Court yesterday,” Rep. Mary E. Miller (R) said at the rally Saturday night in Mendon, Ill.

    Ms. Miller is cosmically stupid here.

    The repeal of Roe versus Wade is going to be the worst nightmare of the white racists and white supremacists.
    The nonwhite abortion rate is 2-3 times higher than the white abortion rate.
    And also the nonwhite poverty levels are higher than white levels.

    Most of those female slavery/forced birth babies are going to be nonwhite. White women are the ones with the knowledge and money to go elsewhere to obtain an abortion.

    The white racists have just accelerated what they call their own Great Replacement.
    These people are so dumb that they haven’t yet figured this out even though it is simple and obvious.

  5. silvrhalide says

    @4 The “Bishop of Bling” was a German bishop.

    When stories of Tebartz-van Elst’s spending surfaced in Germany last year, “public indignation was vast in the country where Martin Luther launched the Protestant Reformation 500 years ago over what he called the abuses and excesses of the Catholic Church,” NPR’s Sylvia Poggioli, who is in Rome, tells our Newscast Desk.

    She adds that the news also came “at a time of growing opposition among German Catholics to an obligatory church tax and while Pope Francis has been urging church officials to live simple lives closer to the poor.”

    Can’t begin to imagine why Germans would leave the Catholic Church, under the circumstances…

    Shouldn’t the hierarchy be rejoicing in their role as shepherds to the Catholic flock? Presumably they all went to Catholic heaven… they just can’t drop cash in the collection plate. snicker

    If the hierarchy is that upset about losing paying members, their real god is Mammon.

  6. flange says

    “You know, the Founding Fathers would have been horrified at the thought of women and Catholics on the court.”
    Not to mention, the thought of a Black person on the Court.

  7. raven says

    It is going to accelerate their Nonwhite Replacement event.

    I’m going to add a bit to this assertion with proof.

    There are about 800,000 abortions in the USA every year. The demographics of who gets these is fairly well known. It is mostly young and poor women. Nonwhites, Latino and Black women, get abortions at 2-3 times the rate of white women.

    We already know that most women will travel from the Red states to Blue to get abortions or go the Do It Yourself route.
    The current estimate is that based on demographics etc., that there will be around 100,000 female slavery/forced birther babies born each year. Most of those will be…nonwhite babies born to young and poor women.

    The white nationalists aren’t very bright. While all this is obvious, most of them haven’t figured it out yet.
    I’m not sure what they plan to do about this.
    The current plan seems to be to not provide any social services and hope a lot of these unwanted babies just die sooner or later.
    It’s what jesus would do, after all.

  8. mordred says

    @6 It should be noted that Tebartz-von Elst got a nice new job at the Vatican after resigning as a Bishop. So much for Pope Francis doing things differently…

  9. Pierce R. Butler says

    The “Founders” would have been baffled, and most of them severely displeased, at having the majority in the USA purportedly spoken for by someone named Fuentes.

    Just sayin’….

  10. Jazzlet says

    But it’s not as if all those extra non-white babies are going to grow up and be allowed to actually vote.

  11. drew says

    No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

    It would be nice to get the gov’t out of marriage entirely. At least civil unions aren’t ways to sneak religion or eugenics into policy.

  12. numerobis says

    The state has a very legitimate interest in being involved in relationships that include mutual assurances of support, co-ownership, and joint child-rearing. Whether they’re called marriage or something else is largely immaterial.

  13. Walter Solomon says

    The adage “that’s what no pussy does to a motherfucker” never described anyone better than it does this guy.

  14. robert79 says

    @5 raven

    The problem with that argument is that it will take 18 years before these people are even allowed to vote. By that time, if the right wing gets their way, there will be a lot more impediments to voting…

  15. wzrd1 says

    Honestly, I think that in 1844, the Nativists of Philadelphia had the right of it.
    Should’ve left the militia stay home and let both sides kill each other off, given they already had started using artillery in the riot itself and killed members of the militia.

  16. tuatara says

    Imagine the scenario in 18 years if SCOTUS has its way.
    “I am here to vote.”
    “Are you registered?”
    “Oh you have a gun!”

    Open carry will turn the USA into a B-grade cowboys and indians fantasy.
    They will all be wishing that abortion was legal. Oh well, at least there is always murder.

  17. StevoR says

    @ ^ tuatara : I think if SCOTUS and the Repugs kep going like this there won’t be a USA or / and will be a Civil War in much less than 18 years.The way things are trending isn’t sustainable in many ways beyond the environmental. I’m not alone inthinking CivilWar round II is looking scarily plausible :

    SCOTUS has destroyed its own legitimacy – or had its legitimacy destoryed by Trump. This cannot be allowed to continue. People do have their breaking points and the Repubs would do well to remember that and beware getting what they think they want.This SCOTUS somply ha sto go. Peacefully ideally.

  18. tuatara says

    StevoR ^
    If the USA was an insignificant nation like those that are largely ignored by the USA, none of this would be a problem. We could just shrug and carry on with our lives.
    But the USA is an important part of this little world. What happens there affects us all.
    I do not foresee a peaceful future there. We already have the christofascists here in Oz warming their hands over the flames of the now burning USA and wanting the same contradiction of government out of peoples lives by way of intrusion on peoples lives.
    The great experiment huh? Who is the control group?

  19. lanir says

    I don’t really think they’re originalists any more than “pro-life” people actually support life. They’re both feel-good fantasies for people without the guts to follow through past the feel-good part to what happens in reality. Bunch of fucking useless snowflakes.

  20. lanir says

    Also, I wonder if they mentioned in the ruling that they just decreed the school had to provide a publicly funded space during a public event for this guy to do his religious performance in? Because that’s what it is and what they’ve done.

    As for Jebus… According to Matthew 6:5-6, he had some words to say about things just like this.

    And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

    But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

    I wish all of these people were more knowledgeable and less incompetent. Also less hypocritical.

  21. John Morales says

    I do not foresee a peaceful future there. We already have the christofascists here in Oz warming their hands over the flames of the now burning USA and wanting the same contradiction of government out of peoples lives by way of intrusion on peoples lives.

    Cheer up:

    For the first time, fewer than half of Australians identified as Christian, though Christianity remained the nation’s most common religion (declared by 43.9 per cent of the population).

    Meanwhile, the number of Australians who said they had no religion rose to 38.9 per cent (from 30.1 per cent in 2016).

  22. anat says

    raven, yes ‘replacement’ at the country level will accelerate, but the other thing that is going to accelerate is the migration out of red states. The reactionary politics will become more entrenched in more states. Thus the Senate and Electoral College become even more tilted in their favor. (And if they control 2/3 of the states expect a new constitutional convention.)

  23. silvrhalide says

    Still trying to wrap my mind around “white supremacist named Fuentes”. Did he have to pass the paper bag test? He’s obviously “passing”.

    Honestly, that is a face that was made for punching.

    @9 True. He is apparently in the Ironic Employment Division
    Weren’t there vows of poverty somewhere in their religious vows? Also humility? The dude spent how much on a bathtub?!

  24. says

    silvrhalide@24 Fuentes probably thinks he’s got more than enough European blood to be considered white. No troublesome Mayan or what have you DNA.

  25. wzrd1 says

    I see a number of people are concerned about a civil war being inevitable and alas, I concur.
    But, let’s look at the rest of the world, specifically, nuclear armed nations responses to a civil war in a nuclear armed nation. MAD is straight out the window and fears over who ends up controlling the nukes would be a very real concern! I can easily see a preemptive strike at a nuclear armed, civil war torn nation in disarray, just to neutralize the weapons.

    As for speculation of Fuentes, that is also a Spanish family name and I think that the supremacists carve out a grudging exception for Italians and Spaniards. Probably with the goal of eliminating them last, after they helped put the idiots in power, which will never happen anyway.

  26. StevoR says

    @19. tuatara : Agreed. What happens in the USA has major impacts and influence elsewhere esp in Oz.

  27. DanDare says

    Amend the constitution.
    Make just laws for abortion etc.
    Change your electoral system to remove gerrymanders and first past the pole victory.
    Stop appointing high court judges by political appointment.
    Put these high level structural changes as a high priority and organise and educate and get it done.