1. wzrd1 says

    Personally, I’m not bothering to artificially color any of my hair, facial or otherwise.
    If I can’t get it in plaid, I’ll stick with my salt and pepper mop and snow white beard. I affectionately refer to it as “gone blonde”. ;)
    I have noticed some odd location hair loss recently, gotta get with my endocrinologist to rebalance my thyroid levels again.

    I said it ages ago, the mammalian body will never work right – too many moving parts. Now, hydra is the way to go!

  2. weylguy says

    Hi Dr. Myers – I’m 72, and like you my beard is mostly gray, but my hair still refuses to turn gray. The combination of dark brown and gray looks ridiculous, so I dye my beard. But at the same time my hair is thinning, so I might not have to worry much longer, as it will probably disappear before it changes to gray. Small blessings.

  3. says

    @1 wzrd1
    Yeah god really dropped the ball when he was “designing” us. Intelligent design makes sense if you factor in planned obsolescence. Unfortunately that perspective makes the bible story fall apart.

  4. Reginald Selkirk says

    There is something lurking in the top left corner of the video. Possibly it is a cable.

  5. kestrel says

    The spider hat is hilarious. I did not expect to be so tempted when I first saw it, but when I saw it in action – !

  6. maireaine46 says

    You are indeed fabulous, from lavender beard to orange spider hat. Expecting to see you on the runway soon!

  7. birgerjohansson says

    Re. Lockdown beards and similar things.
    When late night TV host Seth Meyers was locked down, he had a portrait of a sea captain in the background. As time went by, he started talking to the painting. Eventually, the painting started to answer him.
    Advice; if the spiders and insects start talking with you it is 1: a sign of CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN, or 2; never mind the lockdown you need to get out more.

  8. steve1 says

    When you go barnstorming watch out for the American pickers. They might try to negotiate a purchase for old farm implements.

  9. PaulBC says

    This must be the first time I ever watched PZ on video. His voice is way more mellow than I expected. He sounds like a Santa Cruz hippie. I hear something a lot more intense and caffeinated when I read his posts.

  10. davidc1 says

    Enough said about that crazy headgear ,turning to old GW ,does anyone else think he looks like the actor Red Buttons ,when Mr Buttons was young of course.