1. Tethys says

    Persimilis mites are very helpful creatures, and spider cousins. Apparently they are air dropped via drones onto commercial growing fields to control spider mites.

  2. monkeysea says

    Ken Nordine, beatnik. Radio & TV ads voiceovers when I was decades ago. He called it Word Jazz. Was doing wordstuff with Jerry Garcia & David Grisman & Joe Craven when he was past 80 years. Smile for that. I was gonna send you a fly here, but I’ll have to get Cassandra to build out the bug section. Believe it, good sir!

  3. unclefrogy says

    master of the radio and recorded voice. with a profound wit and vision. What time is it?
    uncle frogy

  4. kagy says

    Oh, “What time is it?” is one of my favorites. Fliberty Gib is also some amazing storytelling, and timeless allegory. Also particularly prescient of “mob culture” of the 21st Century…

    Fliberty Gib: