Home from Wisconsin

We were out playing in the snow with Iliana. I asked her if it was OK if we took some selfies.

“Yeth,” she said.

So we did.

On the way home, we passed a person who said, “Oh, what a cutie pie!”

I wasn’t sure which of us the person was talking about, so a little further on, I asked Iliana, “Are you really a cutie pie?”

“Yeth,” she said.


  1. Tethys says

    Yeth, she is darling! Grandchildren are one of the best parts of aging. Watching them play with the toys that survived their parents is a very satisfying feeling.

    Welcome home from your travels.

  2. Big Boppa says

    When my granddaughter was around Iliana‘s age I asked her why she’s so cute. Her answer was “because I want to”.

  3. ANB says

    I can see how it would be confusing to know who the person was referring to. I have a granddaughter a bit older. I understand the love and pride (’cause yours is as cute as mine, though mine is much darker).

  4. maireaine46 says

    She is so beautiful! Also resembles both of you a bit! So nice you got to visit. My children were little blondes at that age, my grandsons more resemble your grandson, as their mother is Asian. Grandkids are the best!