Back to the spider grind

I took a tour of my house this morning to see how the spiders were shaping up. I found lots, even more than I did last week. Some were familiar, like Attulus fasciger, who had captured a mosquito-like creature. Good work, young lady!

Of course there were lots of Salticus scenicus around.

The exciting but somewhat disappointing discovery was that Parasteatoda abounded — they’d colonized several inset corners of the house and areas around the downspouts, where they had good cover and great places to hide.

The disappointing part was my own failure: I couldn’t get a good picture of any of them! They were all living in little houses made of plant debris, and if I tapped on them to ask them to come out, they did a typical Parasteatoda thing: they’d immediately bungee straight down to the ground. They’re conveniently predictable when trying to catch them, but I just wanted to say hello and take a picture.
To see what I mean about the difficulty, I saved one photo of one tucked into a bit of dried flower petal, with just her blurry butt sticking out.

I’ve got 4 of these spider nests tagged now, and I’ll be back tomorrow and will try to get some better pictures. Except I think we’ve got thunderstorms predicted for Sunday…so maybe a little later.

You can see the photos, if you really want to, on Patreon or Instagram, as usual.


  1. Dr Sarah says

    You’re grinding spiders?? They don’t sound like a great cooking ingredient…

  2. jrkrideau says

    @ Dr Sarah
    Well, insects are more popular around the world but fried spiders are an item in Laos and Mexico has tarantulas (or did, they may be a protected species now)

  3. Diane says

    I have saved several spiders from certain death in my pool.
    Actually brought one in the house to take care of an aphid problem on my plants.

  4. captainjack says

    I was vacuuming the kitchen yesterday and noticed a spider crawling on the floor. I was going to suck it up but I thought of PZs spiders and blew it under the refrigerator. It kept crawling out so I waited until it finally found a place to hide so I could finish. Maybe it’ll eat some bugs for me. That’d be nice.