I’m home at last

Yesterday was something of a lost day, because I had to drive to Minneapolis to stay in Minneapolis overnight, so I could drop my wife off at the airport at 4am (!) for a flight to Denver. Then I turned around and drove home. The good news: traffic is light at 4am. The bad news: freezing fog most of the way home. It’s not much fun driving through white snow with white fog with all the trees limned in white. So for a little variety I stopped by the shores of Lake Minnewaska, to add a frozen lake covered with white snow. You know, for the visual variety.

Yes, that’s a lake. You can tell by the plates of ice rising up at the edge, where the expanding surface ice buckled and fractured. There are also ice houses off in the distance, but they’re invisible thanks to the fog.

I turned around in Starbuck and got some pictures of trees, at least.

Now I’m tired. I should probably take a nap.


  1. gregsneakel says

    Let me see . . . Drove off to Minneapolis to stay one (Friday) night at an Airport-adjacent hotel, so your wife can fly , on a short notice whim, out to Denver.
    Must be nice. Good thing you started a paetreon account.

  2. billseymour says

    I’m not sure what gregsneakel’s point is, but spending some money to support one’s child and grandchild seems like a good idea to me.

    As an alternative to driving, I’d guess that there’s a general aviation airport closer to Morris; but hiring a plane to fly to MSP sounds pricey.

    And Amtrak wouldn’t be an attractive option to/from Morris since the closest stations are Fargo, Detroit Lakes, Staples, St. Cloud and St. Paul, and the Empire Builder serves all but St. Paul in the wee hours of the morning. It would also take a minimum of three days and two nights to get to Denver, and getting a sleeper on an Amtrak train is comparable in cost to flying business class.

  3. says

    Mr Sneakel is being a bit of an ass, I see.

    This wasn’t a whim: my daughter asked for help, and she paid for the motel & flight to get Mary there.

    The patreon account funds go to paying off a lawyer right now. Maybe someday in the distant future when the debt is paid off, I can use some of that money to see my family. It would be nice, but at the rate things are going, I might be dead before that can happen.

    Goodbye, Mr Sneakel. You have a history of saying stupid things.

  4. wzrd1 says

    Thanks, PZ! It’s been many years since I saw frozen lakes, I nearly forgot what one looked like!
    But, you remember sunny, tropical Philadelphia, Harrisburg’s weather is fairly similar, no ice covered ponds, rivers and lakes for us.

    Yeah, it’s actually starting to feel that that last is true, haven’t saw a frozen pond, let alone lake or river for around a decade. :/