1. says

    Clean up the evidence and blame it on Bloomberg campaign workers who kept ringing the doorbell, let the cat out, and…

  2. FossilFishy (NOBODY, and proud of it!) says

    Artor. Fuck, I hate that kind of mean spirited shit.

    If that happened to me I’d be hard pressed not to go after the humans involved.

    I’ve been robbed at work five times, four at knife point, punched from behind in the street by a stranger, fought off an attempted mugging, and most recently threatened, again with a knife, by a methed up neighbour.

    It would take me weeks to recover from being jump threatened in the dark like that, no matter how ridiculous it seemed after the fact.

    And to be clear: I know I’d react very badly because a month ago a friend of mine thought it would be funny to sneak up and poke me in the ribs while I was at an ATM. My fist was half way towards her face before I realised who it was.

    On the one hand I don’t particularly want to go to jail for assault, but on the other the fuckwits who do that stuff deserve a beating at the very least.

  3. John Morales says

    FossilFishy, hear hear. I too hate “practical jokes” and “pranks” with a burning passion; I do not react nicely to them.

    (My friends and acquaintances have learnt this the hard way)

  4. John Morales says

    Erlend, perhaps the dog was more than happy to have an impediment placed upon it for chuckle’s sake.

    (But I doubt it)

  5. says

    Wait until your vacuum cleaner stops working and you open it up to find it full of matted cat hair. We’ve blown up two so far because it usually makes it past the first stage filter bag and well into the works causing the motor to overheat. I’ve just finished the monthly strip down and removed great wads of it from the filters.

  6. Jazzlet says

    I’m with FossilFishy and John Morales on this, and no Erlend Meyer it is not “seriously funny” if you are the kind of perrson subject to such mean spirited pranks, all too often it is simple bullying. And don’t you dare accuse me of lacking a sense of humour, pranks that scare someone enough that they might hurt themselves are not funny unless you enjoy people being hurt.

    garydargan @10
    You might want to consider a different brand of vacuum cleaner the next time you buy, we ended up with a Miele, expensive, but stands up to the underhair (which is like cat hair) and the top hair of two one German Sheherd complicated by the long hair of two humans. No hair gets past the filter bag.

  7. davidc1 says

    There are plenty of clips on youtube of people getting punched by people who failed to see the joke when they have been pranked .And i understand Military Vets with PTSD don’t like being taken by surprise ,so it might not end with just a punch .

    I hate vacuum cleaners ,so i don’t have carpets ,so i use those wide brooms to clear up the cat hair .
    Once they have gotten to be a fair sized dust bunny .

  8. christoph says

    You know what’s really not funny about that spider prank? Someone with a gun would be likely to shoot the dog. Something to think about when you use a pet for a prank.