First instar, here we are!

If you compare this photo to yesterdays, you can see that yesterday the embryos were in the process of molting, with the prosoma free and the abdomen and legs still trapped in the old cuticle. Today the legs are free and the old cuticle is a shriveled white mass at the end of the abdomen.

We have lots of healthy looking babies from this clutch, which worries me…we’ve got three more egg cases that will probably hatch out this week, and we’re going to be swimming in baby spiders. I’m going to need a lot more flies, I think.

Here’s a closer look at its cute l’il baby face.


  1. davidnangle says

    I had to check. Only two google responses for “I’m going to need a lot more flies.” And they were both from this article.

    I was going to add no one has ever said that before.

  2. davidc1 says

    Stick em all in a big jar ,and watch them eat each other until there is just one big fat spider left ,bwahahaha .

  3. davidc1 says

    @3 “Some people just want to kill them.”
    Do you mean me ? Just my little joke ,i am glad the doc has found a new line of research to keep him busy .