Leslie Rutledge is an example of how every Republican has to be slimy

Rutledge seems to be one of those people representing the future of the Republican party.

Leslie Rutledge, the attorney general of Arkansas, is a rising star in the Republican Party, especially under President Donald Trump. She gave a prime-time speech at the Republican National Convention in 2016, which she dedicated to bashing Hillary Clinton with conspiracy theories about the alleged evil deeds of the Clinton Foundation. Rutledge is currently head of the Republican Attorneys General Association and has been Arkansas attorney general for three years. (She is up for re-election this fall.)

Rutledge, who worked for former Gov. Mike Huckabee both in state government and on his presidential campaign, appears to be tight with the Huckabee family, who are immensely powerful in Arkansas.

First sign of trouble: she’s buddies with the Huckabees? Why are those cornpone sleazy yokels “powerful” in Arkansas in the first place?

But, you should be asking, “What about her emails?” She has a very ugly history.

Most of the emails are smarmy sex jokes or contain foul language, which was clearly embarrassing for a Republican with a wholesome image. But one stands out, in particular, for the racist content.

Rutledge apparently copy and pasted another email from “a friend of mine” who “works d’town with battered women” that purportedly tells a story about clients coming to her office. Rutledge’s friend wrote it in a heavily stereotypical dialect that appears meant to mock the clients. Here is an excerpt:

De problem be wit his baby momma. Actually it turn out he not be de daddy (I saw the paternity test results) but he done been payin’ chile suppote fo 5 year cuz Jesus done sent dat baby and it doan make no diffence who be de daddy iffn Jesus want him to be de daddy and take o’ dat baby what nobody want ‘cept him and his own mama.

The email goes on for five paragraphs in that vein, as the author writes that “baby’s momma done turn into a ho and a stripper and she be raisin’ fusses” and mocks a client’s mother by writing, “we be getting de Gospel Punctuation from his mama: ‘Hallelujah! Amen! Oh yes Jesus! Um hm!'”

That’s the kind of thing that would be the kiss of death for a Democrat — we’d be waving their career bye-bye. It’s no problem at all for a “Christian, pro-life, gun-carrying conservative woman,” though.

Something did get her booted out of one Arkansas office, at least. We don’t know exactly what she did, but it must have been terrible if it offended an Arkansas Republican.

These two emails were sent in August and October of 2007. Rutledge left Arkansas DHS in December of that year. After that, a note was added to her file accusing her of “gross misconduct” and instructing that she not be rehired. It is unclear whether the alleged misconduct was related to these emails or to other matters. Emails from Salon to Arkansas DHS asking for further clarification received no response.

She’s definitely one to watch. At this rate, she’ll be running for president in 2020.

Maureen Brian has died

Maureen Brian was a regular commenter here, and was noted for her fiercely progressive politics and inestimable politeness and coherence. She was hit hard by cancer and has now died.

I knew her personally — she invited me to Hebden Bridge, where she lived, and arranged a place for me to stay. She was wonderfully hospitable and a fascinating person just to talk to. She was someone with a great sense of her time and place, and she filled it gracefully, and with passion.

And now I’m sad that another warm light has blinked out.

A case of free market capitalism actually working!

Perhaps you’ve seen this video. A man follows a black person to his home, hurls racist insults at him, all while driving a van with his company’s name and phone number blazoned on the side. Just the stupidity hurts, but it’s the racism that makes it far, far worse.

Afterwards, the driver, Jeff Whitman (I think he dropped the “e” that belongs after the “t” in his name) was totally unapologetic. Calling someone the N-word?

“I don’t know if it makes it right or wrong all I can say is I grew up with it and not a big deal for me,” said the man in the van.

I guess that makes it all right. He was brought up as a racist, so no problem if he says racist things.

Unfortunately for him, his business is getting wrecked by a flood of negative reviews on social media, and the Better Business Bureau is suspending his accreditation. Whoops. Words have consequences. Now he’s ruined…but he still doesn’t understand what he did wrong.

“I’m out of business, I’m completely out, I’m done, I’ll never work in Columbus again,” Whitman said. “This has completely and thoroughly ruined my life.”

“I just don’t understand the intensity of the hate,” said the man who drove two miles out of his way to verbally abuse a complete stranger based on the color of his skin.

I just sort of feel like saying…your feelings don’t matter, snowflake. Nobody owes you a living. The free market has spoken. Suck it up, bucko.

Except that feelings do matter, and what wrecked your business was that you thought your bigotry against people was justified, and that what you really need to learn is some empathy for other human beings. It’s ignorance that killed Uriahs Heating, Cooling, and Refrigeration.

Dinesh D’Souza is at it again

His new movie is called “Death of a Nation“. It looks insane, with his usual ahistorical befuddling of the modern Democratic party with the racists of 60 years ago (sorry, guy, that wing of the party stampeded over to the Republicans when Democrats started advocating for civil rights), and a strange twisty story about Abraham Lincoln vs. the Nazis, at least if you go by the trailer.

Sorry again, guy. The Nazis favor Donald Trump, who is nothing like Abraham Lincoln. Even if the movie tries to pretend they’re identical.

Oops, there goes my lunch.

How to freak out your racist friends

Just show them this video.

If you don’t have any racist friends, just read the comments (don’t read the comments, ever).

When I’ve visited London (or New York, or any cosmopolitan city), I’ve always enjoyed the diversity — it’s a good thing. I’m also happy when everyone can feel like their wonderfully complicated place is home. There are plenty of white people in London who also feel it is their home — why should they also have this sense of exclusivity? We can all be home. If someone else feels at home in your city, that doesn’t mean you can’t also feel at home.

If you think “home” has to be a place where the only residents have the same complexion that you do, that means you’re a racist. It’s a pretty easy test.

I think this is a metaphor for capitalism

But it’s still a fascinating story. Did you know that old McDonald’s Monopoly game was totally corrupt and broken? An insider was stealing the million dollar instant winner tokens, and passing them along to associates who’d cash them in and kickback thousands of dollars to the thief. “Jerome Jacobson and his network of mobsters, psychics, strip club owners, and drug traffickers won almost every prize for 12 years”. Whoa. My family played the game, casually and intermittently — this was happening during the years my kids insisted on going to McDonald’s. And now I learn there was never any chance I was going to get lucky and become a millionaire.

You might argue that this is just the actions of one rogue crook, but there were other ways the game was rigged by the officials running it.

During that 1995 prize draw, something happened that would change the game. According to Jacobson, when the computerized prize draw selected a factory location in Canada, Simon Marketing executives re-ran the program until it chose an area in the USA. Jacobson claimed he was ordered to ensure that no high-level prizes ever reached the Great White North.

Sorry, Canada.

Jacobson and many of his associates were eventually caught, arrested, and got some short prison sentences and massive fines. But the woes of McDonald’s promotion didn’t end there.

And when lady luck regained control of the McDonald’s competitions, she handed winning tickets to a man wearing a full Pizza Hut uniform; a Taco Bell owner; and a former homeless man who was later charged with beating up his fiancée–a PR nightmare.

You know, this is what everyone should have expected when you build a promotional contest around a terrible game that celebrates the worst of greed and selfishness — you’re going to find it hijacked by looters within, and if it were really a fair contest, you’d find that sometimes people outside your ideological group would win. And what is the game of Monopoly but a transparent metaphor for the evils of capitalism?

Ooh, a moral philosophy test!

A 15 year old Honduran girl escapes from a detention center, and hides on your property. You discover her; she’s distraught and terrified, and does not want to go back to that horrible place. What do you do?

A) Continue to shelter her.

B) Contact an immigration aid society, or an immigration lawyer, and try to get her some help.

C) Rat her out to the police.

I think I’d try some combination of A & B; do what I can then, but try to find a better informed and capable source to provide better help. But that’s not what Frank Gonzalez did! He first called Nora Sandigo, a member of a non-profit that helps immigrants, but then he apparently had a better idea.

Before Sandigo could get there, police vans began circling the shop’s parking lot. Gonzalez said nobody from the shop called the police, but he eventually flagged down an officer and pointed to where the girl had hidden.

So his answer was C. I think he just failed the course.

Shall we learn some more about Frank?

“She said, ‘Please don’t punish me, don’t touch me, don’t hold my hand,’” he said. “They put handcuffs on her, but not like a criminal, like a human being.”

How do you handcuff someone like a human being, but not like a criminal? Frank doesn’t seem very bright here. He’s making non-excuses.

But wait, it gets worse.

Gonzalez, who came to the United States from Cuba in 1971 with his family, said he supports the Trump administration’s tough stance on border security but disagrees with separating families.

“People who want to come here, and work for the American Dream, they should get papers and follow the rules,” Gonzalez said. “But it breaks my heart to see mothers and fathers divided from their children. Families should be together all the time.”

Still, he says he supports Trump’s general immigration policy, adding, “Let’s make America great again.”

So he was an illegal immigrant himself, but was gifted with sanctuary just because of American anti-Cuba policies. And he’s unable to see the similarities in his past situation to a Honduran family fleeing their country for a better life. He’s the personification of Republican “I got mine, screw you” attitudes.

And then he has the gall to give us a goddamn MAGA to justify his actions.

Fuck you, Frank, you moral leper. You just failed Humanity 101.

We haven’t heard from Comma in a while, have we?

You remember Comma, the demented Sovereign Citizen who used to write to me frequently, with his peculiar style of phrasing every statement as a question. He’s back. This time he cc’ed his email to a bunch of people, but it’s addressed to…Richard Carrier’s lawyer. I think he wants to form an alliance.

I encourage this consolidation of their forces.

Are you aware that the University of Minnesota is currently illegally withholding Freethoughtblogs CEO & University of Minnesota, Morris Associate Professor PZ Myers’ criminal investigative data for his vandalism of a UMM newspaper from me? The Mirandized audio statement in DSS format and the corresponding transcript along with Myers’ writing sample and the vandalized student newspapers must be extremely damning for Myers’ and the University of Minnesota for them to illegally withholding them, right? How would you like the look at the evidence for the criminal complaint that I filed with the University Police for the the U of M’s data compliance officials willful refusal to provide me with Myers data? See attached. Oh, I’ve also included the Auroa Center data request that the U of M is also illegally withholding from me, haven’t I?

Terry Dean, Nemmers (320) 283-5713

If you’re wondering what he’s talking about, the campus right-wing newspaper accused me, without evidence, of having stolen a bunch of their papers. They had the campus police take a statement from me in which I denied everything. That was it. Ever since, Comma has been absolutely convinced that there is deep dark evidence of some wicked conspiracy in that recording, which the university is now trying to cover up, even though they told him they would make a copy of the tape and give it to him for the fee of $43.50. I guess that’s all it takes to stymie a True Patriot’s defense of the Principles of the United States of America, is a $43.50 fee.

You know, Carrier’s lawyer could go ahead and use Carrier’s money to purchase that recording. I don’t mind. Anyone can get it.

He also included a bunch of pdfs in his email, including the UMM Incident Report about the university’s official response to Comma’s accusation that I was harassing him, and the various correspondence he had to obtain his proof of my perfidy. He’s a very silly, man.

Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux: racist provocateurs

These two Canadians are in Australia now, preaching racism together. It’s kind of damning that Southern would want to be associated with raving loon Molyneux, and that Molyneux would want to be associated with slimy dirtbag Southern, but I guess they were made for each other.

Southern did her usual schtick of seeking out what she calls “no-go zones” to show how racist they are, as if she thinks racism is a bad thing. So she walks into an area with a high proportion of Muslims with camera and sound guy in tow, making a little bit of a spectacle of herself, and notices how suspiciously people are looking at her (surprise!) and that some people are yelling in Arabic (oh my god), and starts to head down a street to a mosque to stir up some real juicy footage. She’s stopped by a policeman, who tells her no: he knows that she’s there to provoke trouble, so he tells her that she may not go there. He also informs her that local white people have no trouble coexisting in this neighborhood — making it clear that the problem isn’t with respectful citizens, it’s specifically with her and her actions.

So she declares that this Australian neighborhood is under Sharia law. She knows nothing.

Molyneux was no better. He spoke to a packed house of cheering Aussies and delivered blatant racism against Australian aboriginal culture. There’s also some epic irony.

I want you you remember that great evils were halted with the advent of whites to Australia as great evils were halted with the advent of whites to South Africa

I don’t like the idea of racial pride” Molyneux says after talking about how amazing it was when whites came to Australia

We in the west have extended ethics beyond the in group. That’s why we have human rights, that’s why we ended slavery, that’s why we extended rights to minority group’s. We are the only culture to have done that. Other cultures are not Universalist but we are.

Oh, well. I guess it should be reassuring that the US doesn’t have a monopoly on evil wankers. Canada and Australia have got them, too.