I’m not ignoring the UK

We just have our own problems over here in the US.

But one hopeful sign: there aren’t any tariffs on flint or obsidian, so we can all look forward to the resumption of the transatlantic stone tool trading routes.

I hear you guys used to make a pretty good beaker, too. Maybe we can exchange beaver pelts and buffalo hides, if there were any left.


  1. davidc1 says

    If you didn’t laugh at the balls up that is britex you would cry and slit your wrists .
    The blue passport was a nice touch ,but no flag?

  2. Rich Woods says

    @davidc1 #1:

    It’s too soon to assign a flag to the brave new world of Brexit Britain. Within a year or two of the impending no-deal crash-out we’ll likely have to take the Cross of St Andrew out of the Union Flag.

    The Conservative and Unionist Party, who are doing everything they can to bring this disaster to fruition entirely due to the internal politics of trying to keep their party together and in power, deserve everything which is coming their way. Just watch them try to blame everyone else — especially those sneaky foreigners — for it, though.

  3. madtom1999 says

    @davidc1 #1:
    If you hadn’t noticed he’s using the flag pole to start a fire. The flag has probably had to be used for personal hygiene concerns.

  4. davidc1 says

    @rich woods ,true david -call me- dave cameron should be hung drawn ,and quartered for the damage he has done to GB .
    But with a bit of luck we might get a second referendum ,and all those people who didn’t vote to remain because they thought it was going to be a landslide might vote this time .
    Plus a bonus might be that nigel fargone would sod off once and for all .

  5. goaded says

    Thank you for posting something that made me literally literally laugh out loud. I grew up with those books.

    Now, I’m probably going to cry a bit.

  6. lucifersbike says

    davidc1 has forgotten two of the most important facts about the post-Brexit British passport. The old pre-EU passport wasn’t blue, it was black. The new faux-retro blue passport is going to be printed by a French company.
    I don’t think a second referendum will get the UK out of this mess. Other ric h countries have evil politicians, corrupt politicians and misguided politicians. So does the UK, but the current Parliament almost certainly holds the record for the lowest average intelligence of any legislature and executive anywhere, despite the formidable opposition of Trump and Turnbull.

  7. davidc1 says

    @7 Didn’t know about the black passport ,i know about the French printing the new passports .
    If enough people say there should be a second referendum it might happen .
    One of the problems with Britex is that it cuts across party lines .
    Agree with you about the current bunch .

  8. says

    The UK’s military is on standby to deliver food and medication to the areas most likely to starve post-Brexit. Which is a terrible thing, liable to go wrong in a great many ways, but on the other hand there’s not much else which can be done given the projected difficulties. And it beats the US approach of “we don’t want to admit there are problems coming so we’re forbidding the military from making any contingency plans”, which has apparently been applied re:climate change.