Finally! I get the Comma word balloon treatment

Never mind, just ignore this post if you’d rather not hear about Terry Dean, Nemmers AKA Comma.

In case you didn’t know, one of the things he likes to do is photoshop word balloons with querulous comments onto pictures of little-known local officials with whom he has a beef. I am little-known and local! So why don’t I get the Comma treatment? But it seems I have. Behold, the visual vomit of a silly man:


I also get email. That, also, is a rambling farrago of sick, but I inflict it on you, as he inflicts it on me.

Matt Swenson, Commission on Judicial Selection 763-464-0042:

Why would you even consider the common criminal Tracy M. Smith, Deputy General Counsel for the University of Minnesota/At-Large Member, Commission on Judicial Selection for a Court of Appeals candidate? Inquiring minds want to know, don’t they? Attorney Smith is nothing but a common criminal, isn’t she? See attached evidence. Smith has a long and sordid history of harassment and illegally withholding readily available free electronic public data from me. In fact, the only way that I received some electronic data from Smith was to inform William P. Donohue, Office of the General Counsel (612) 624-7569 that I considered him the mastermind behind the harassment and the violation of the Minnesota Data Practice Act. I also informed Donahue that I was probably going to file criminal charges against him like I did UMM Chancellor Jacqueline R. Johnson 320-589-6020. Would you like the audio recorded message emailed to you?

Smith has been illegally withholding readily available free electronic public data to cover up (2) two UMM scandals: UMM Paul “Appeals to Ridicule” Myers’ vandalism of a school sanctioned newspaper and a scandal involving the botched raid by the UMM’s West Central SWAT team.

I am also sure that you are aware of the UMM student newspaper scandal that has haunted Prof Paul “Appeals to Ridicule” Myers. What you may not be aware of is that the UMM is currently illegally withholding the handwriting sample provided by Prof Myers and the audio statements in the abbreviated and slipshod investigation. See link for Myer’s UMM police report. Prof Myers’ police report was only released after I filed a criminal complaint against UMM Chancellor Jacqueline R. Johnson and Prof Paul Myers.

Prof Paul “Appeals to Ridicule” Myers isn’t doing any of the things that you would expect an innocent individual to do, is he? No, he isn’t. If Prof Myers was innocent, then he would be demanding that the handwriting sample be sent to the BCA lab to prove that he was innocent, wouldn’t he? He would, wouldn’t he? If Prof Myers was innocent, then he would be demanding that the handwriting sample be released to the public so they could send it to a private lab to prove that he was innocent, wouldn’t he? He would, wouldn’t he? If Prof Myers was innocent, then he would be demanding that the University of Minnesota, Morris stop illegally withholding the apparently incriminating handwriting sample and audio statements, wouldn’t he? He would, wouldn’t he? Instead Prof Myers and common criminal Tracy M. Smith, Deputy General Counsel for the University of Minnesota appear to be in damage control mode.

Smith second scandal is the cover up of the malicious raid of America’s Best Value Inn in Glenwood by UMM’s West Central SWAT team. The UMM’s West Central SWAT team misused local, municipal, county, state and federal resources on a wild goose chase at the America’s Best Value Inn in Glenwood for fugitve Andrew Dikken. My source indicated that the UMM’s SWAT reconnaissance knew Dikken was no where near the inn property prior to the raid. Yet, despite that fact the inn was raided. My source indicated in their audio statement that the inn lost money because of the publicity stunt. To cover this up Smith is making wild and outrageous claims that the UMM”s member were not present at the inn. Yet, Smith willfully refuses to produce the readily available free electronic public data that is in her possession to substantiate her utter nonsense.

It’s not surprising that both UMM’s Prof Paul “Appeals to Ridicule” Myers and Yellow Medicine Co. Sheriff Bill “Threat to your safety” Flaten have been forced to change their loony stories with my coverage of their scandals, is it? See below.

Smith’s malicious tactics are to misrepresent the digital audio files as audio tapes; (Note: a member of the West Central SWAT team has already emailed me audio files in DSS format, haven’t they?) sent a fraudulent bill for large sum of money for readily available free electronic public data; partially fulfilled data requests; making wild and outrageous claims that her UMM SWAT team member was not present at the malicious SWAT raid; harassing emails that drip with passive-aggressive behavior; and thinking and acting like she is above the law. Sounds like Smith is the perfect candidate for Minnesota’s lawless courts, doesn’t it?

Terry Dean, Nemmers (UMM graduate)

6.3 The Team Commander will direct investigative activities based on intelligence provided by the Team Board members with priority given to case investigations that directly impact the members’ communities. Powers and Duties 2013 West Central S.W.A.T. Team Agreement. Page 4. 6.7 The Team’s books, records and reports shall be open to inspection by its member’s at all reasonable times. Powers and Duties 2013 West Central S.W.A.T. Team Agreement. Page 5. West Central S.W.A.T. Team Agreement. The Regents of the University of Minnesota, A Minnesota constitutional corporation, on behalf of its Morris campus duly approved this agreement on the ____ day of _____ , 200__. Approved as to form and legality: Tracy M. Smith Associate General Counsel 3/14/13. 2013 West Central S.W.A.T. Team Agreement. Page 26.

In her discussion of the different modes of overt and covert verbal abuse, Evans (1992) lists the following types of covert verbal abuse: “withholding,” “countering,” “discounting,” “verbal abuse disguised as jokes,” “blocking and diverting,” “trivializing,” and “undermining.” Gaslighting, The Double Whammy, Interrogation and Other Covert Control in Psychotherapy & Analysis, Theo L. Dorpat (Maryland: 2004), Page 13.

I just got back from the campus police, where I was read my Miranda rights and recorded giving a statement, because the Geiger cranks have apparently made a formal complaint, accusing me of stealing their rags and adding a new charge, that I’d vandalized the latest edition, scribbling an “str” on the cover to change “right-to-life” to “right-to-strife”. So I also had to leave a handwriting sample. The Northstar Holy War continues. 28 January 2014.

Tracy M. Smith: Ms. Smith is the Deputy General Counsel for the University of Minnesota, where she is responsible for representing the University in general litigation in state and federal district and appellate courts. Previously, she was an Associate General Counsel for the University of Minnesota, Assistant Attorney in the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office, and a judicial clerk for the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. Ms. Smith volunteers for Southwest High School and previously served on the Minneapolis Public Schools Advisory Committee on Global Languages and volunteered as a teacher for English language learners at Neighborhood House. Commission on Judicial Selection Recommends Court of Appeals Candidates to Governor Dayton FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 25, 2015
Commission Members Members of the Minnesota Commission on Judicial Selection are listed below. Tracy M. Smith, At-Large Member Ms. Smith serves as the Deputy General Counsel at the University of Minnesota, where she supervises litigation on behalf of the University and provides advice on employment, student affairs, privacy and data practice. Ms. Smith previously served as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Minnesota and clerked for the Honorable Max Rosenn, United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. Education: B.A. Georgetown University, Washington, DC. J.D. University of Minnesota Law School, Minneapolis, MN.

University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler fielded praise and pointed criticism following the resignation of Norwood Teague as athletic director, with Kaler’s staff scrambling at times to control the flow of information to the public. A review of hundreds of pages of correspondence and other materials requested by news organizations shows that some members of the university’s Board of Regents questioned why they did not learn sooner of the sexual harassment complaints against Teague. The documents also offer a glimpse of the intense pressure faced by Kaler and the U’s communications team after the Aug. 6 resignation. U regents say they were first kept in dark about Norwood Teague complaints In e-mails, regents say they were kept in the dark about harassment complaints. By Mila Koumpilova and Dan Browning Star Tribune NOVEMBER 24, 2015 — 9:28PM

Mr. Nemmers, The Sheriff’s Office has no public data related to this incident. The call did not come in on a 911 line. The phone calls made to our office if released would jeopardize another ongoing investigation. Also, incident you reference is a Granite Falls Police Department case. You will need to contact them directly for information related to that case. Subject: Data Request. From: Cindy Hanson, Administrative Assistant, Yellow Medicine County Sheriff’s Office. , Fri, Sep 13, 2013 at 4:41 PM.

A 911 call to the Yellow Medicine County Sheriff’s Office resulted in the search of the America’s Best Value Inn, a hotel located on state Highway 28 in Glenwood. The tip, deemed credible by law enforcement, described a man matching Dikken’s description. …“Once it was deemed a credible report, we took it seriously and followed up on it,” Danter told the Pope County Tribune Thursday afternoon. … After the hotel search, it was determined that the tip was unfounded, and Dikken was never at the hotel or even in Glenwood, Danter said Friday morning. Public tip leads to search of Glenwood hotel. 09-09-13, By Tim Douglass, Publisher. Pope County Tribune.

UMM student newspaper scandal that has haunted Prof Myers: What? There was no scandal, and I haven’t been haunted by anything. It’s a little peculiar that I’m accused of acting above the law because in an incident in which someone defaced some cheap racist newspapers by scribbling on them, I obliged the law by giving a handwriting sample, which didn’t match (and probably couldn’t match — it’s a pretty short scribble) Prof PZ Myers aka “Mr. Logical Fallacy” November 15, 2015.

I did note that the STR from Myers was similar, but not exact to the STR written on the front page of the paper that I had a copy of. ICR# 1400376 UMM Police Officer Rob Velde.

Common Criminal UMM Prof PZ Myers Has A Hissy Fit That I Contacted Elizabeth Loutfi, Editor-in-Chief & Quinn Malloy, University News Editor About Censoring/Assault Of Maneater Senior Staff Photographer Mark Schierbecker? PZ Myers Loves To Use The Logical Fallacy “Appeal To Ridicule” To Bully His Victims Into Silence, Doesn’t He? He Does, Doesn’t He? Nemmers Requests Updates On His Criminal Complaints Against Myers And Corrupt UMM Chancellor Jacqueline R. Johnson? Johnson “Retiring” Because Of Data Scandal? Myers’ Latest Wild & Outrageous Claims: #1 “There Was No Scandal”? #2 Handwiriting Sample “Didn’t Match” When Police Report Says “Similar, But Not Identical”?

Scandal – Scandal! UMM Chancellor Jacqueline Johnson Still Illegally Withholding Slanderer & Violence Inciter Prof PZ Myer’s Criminal Investigative Data For Vandalizing School Sanctioned Newspaper (January 27, 2014) & Data For Illegal West Central SWAT Team Raid On America’s Best Value Inn In Glenwood On September 4, 2013? William P. Donohue, University Of Minnesota’s General Counsel Lurking & Skulking On Lion News After May 7, 2015 Phone Call?

Scandal – Scandal! UMM Chancellor Jacqueline R. Johnson Conspires With Yellow Medicine Co. Sheriff Flaten In Cover-Up In Sensationalist Andrew Dikken Manhunt? University Of Minnesota, Morris Is Member Of West Central SWAT Team? Johnson Aids & Abets Corrupt West Central SWAT By Illegally Withholding Data Of Illegal SWAT Raid? SWAT Publicity Stunt Misuse of Government Funds And A Huge Embarrassment For UMM & Johnson?

Sheriff Flaten Forced To Change 911 Story For Andrew Dikken Manhunt – Casts Doubts On Staged West Central SWAT Raid In Glenwood – Data Illegally Withheld To Cover Up Publicity Stunt?

Poor man. I hope he gets help someday.


  1. sieve! says

    On the plus side, you have to admire the restraint it took for this Swenson to not go full CAPSLOCK on your ass.

  2. says

    On a more serious note, I do believe he is in dire need of some good psychiatric help. I can’t say what’s wrong with him, but I can’t imagine that his life is what it should be.

  3. John Small Berries says

    sieve!, I believe Mr. Swenson was the addressee of the diatribe, not its author.

    I could be wrong, though, because everything else about it makes about as much sense as the Time Cube guy.

  4. grumpyoldfart says

    All he has to do is take his prescribed medication and he’ll be OK – but no – he demonstrates his independence by not following doctor’s orders. People sometimes die before the problem is resolved.

  5. cartomancer says

    Does the University of Minnesota actually have a S.W.A.T. team? I’m guessing the answer is no, because it’s a University and not an episode of a bad police drama, but one has to wonder what with the US government’s peculiar priorities with regard to education and police weapons provision…

  6. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    It’s going to take all night to get the theme music to the Twilight Zone out of my head. And I didn’t even bother with his teal deer.

  7. says

    @#7: So he already has a diagnosis?

    I’m not sure if it’s right to post his mails. I’m sure it must be distressing and even down right frightening for PZ to get this sort of attention, but if we’re talking about a mentally ill person it’s a lot like kicking a man who’s already down for the count.

  8. Jake Harban says

    It’s true that this guy is a raging ignoramus, isn’t it? Numerous sources of official evidence have proven that he’s wrong and knows it yet keeps slandering people, don’t they? He believes, incorrectly, that phrasing accusations in the form of rhetorical questions makes him immune to claims of defamation, doesn’t he? This sentence has a question mark on the end and is therefore a question despite containing nothing but a flat declaration?

  9. markhadfield says

    This sentence has a question mark on the end and is therefore a question despite containing nothing but a flat declaration?


  10. anthrosciguy says

    Your own SWAT team! Now you’ve got a drone. And I’ve seen your house, PZ; there’s room for a small tank outside. You’re on your way!

  11. Artor says

    Jeez, I can imagine what it would be like talking to Comma in person. I think I could last about 3 minutes before I snap & knock him out.

  12. leskimopie says

    I like how his little thought bubble just makes it look like PZ is just very forgetful or something.

  13. robro says

    More pictures, please, less of this…um…dwaddle? Thank you?

    Jiminy cricket! According to BBEdit that’s 1,977 words. To hell with “get a grip,” someone needs to get a job.

  14. gmacs says

    Hey, I learned a new word from this: “spoliate”!

    It was a bit difficult to see with the white lettering on a light background, however. Fuckssake, I know the guy’s out of touch with reality, but how obscure is the idea of putting a goddamned background on a text box?

  15. says

    I just can’t believe he’s still whinging on about something that happened, what, three-four years ago. You’d think his laser-like intellect would have focused on something more important by now like, I don’t know, maybe making Ko-Ko High Lord Executioner or something.

  16. says


    All he has to do is take his prescribed medication and he’ll be OK

    Don’t fucking do that.
    People aren’t assholes because they’re “not taking their meds”, they’Re assholes because they’re assholes.
    Can we get through ONE thread without mental illness shaming, FFS?

  17. Dreaming of an Atheistic Newtopia says

    I cannot believe there’s an “aren’t i?” in the bubble itself. My laughter gland is very thankful that it’s there, for sure, but….seriously?

  18. robinjohnson says

    I’m not sure how you can defend this one, PZ. He’s got you bang to rights – look, there’s a photograph of you thinking that sentence, right there.

  19. robinjohnson says

    And #27 – grrrr, no. NO ONE has too much time. In this case, someone just made a poor choice of what to do with theirs.

  20. says

    @Giliell #25: I agree. Performing a layman’s diagnosis and conclude that he’s “troubled” is one thing, but shaming mental illness is not OK. I don’t know if he’s “just an asshole” or if he has deeper problems, but assholes tend to gain something from their “assholeness” and I just don’t see that here. It just seems too self-destructive for a calculating prick.

    I’ve seen news articles that describe him as “mentally unstable”, but I have not found anything that indicates a real diagnosis.

  21. says

    We need a better drug for treating the symptoms of assholishness. The one most people take, alcohol, usually just makes them worse.

  22. says

    Prof Paul “Appeals to Ridicule” Myers isn’t doing any of the things that you would expect an innocent individual to do, is he?

    The idea that an innocent person accused of something might actually just go “meh” and shrug really sticks in this guys craw, doesn’t it?

  23. LicoriceAllsort says

    A bit of googling brought up his alleged criminal record, which includes stalking, trespass, and felony possession of a pistol/assault weapon. Not sure if it’s true because the source of that info is itself a bit wack, but it’s a scary possibility. Hoping you stay safe, PZ.

  24. rrhain says

    OK, since you asked. In order:

    I don’t know
    Assumes facts not in evidence
    I don’t know…what?
    Assumes facts not in evidence
    Assumes facts not in evidence
    That’s what “not identical” means
    You don’t know?

    Glad I could be of help.

  25. Intaglio says

    As comma is a “sovereign citizen” and does not believe in the authority of the courts surely this screed is prima facie evidence regarding his mental state.