Ron Paul has abandoned any attempt at plausible deniability any more


And Ben Garrison, too. Look at those classic racist stereotypes.

I notice, also, that we’re supposed to go to Ron Paul’s photo page on Facebook to learn more about “cultural marxism”. I looked, there’s nothing relevant there, and I can’t imagine that yet another cartoon, since deleted, would be at all enlightening.

Libertarian is just another word for racist, isn’t it?

What if we planned a sneak attack and a civil war, and didn’t tell anyone?

Except Alex Jones, of course.

Somehow, we antifa/commie/liberal Democrats are supposed to fire up this war on the 4th of July — in two days — and there has been no communication at all to us cannon fodder. But Alex Jones knows all about it! Apparently, it was announced in the liberal “Elite Publications” last year, but I missed it.

Anyone know what those publications are? Because I’ve also missed out on all of those.

Oh, well, I guess I’ll have to dig up my old uniform — birks, shorts, tie-dye t-shirt, and headband — put a flower in my hair and march off to San Francisco. Or wherever the old hippies have set up a staging ground. I wonder if we can get the Dead back together to play for the Revolution?

It’s just like fishing for rocks

A meteor blew up in the atmosphere off the coast of Washington state back in March, and today the EV Nautilus is going to poke around, looking for meteorite fragments, and the search will be streamed live.

My brother lives just south of meteorite field. I should nag him to get off his lazy butt, get in his boat, and go dive for a few fragments for me. They don’t say how deep the Pacific is at the site, but I’m sure he can just rig up a magnet on a long stick and grab a few.

At least I’ll put up the video stream in the background this morning.