We haven’t heard from Comma in a while, have we?

You remember Comma, the demented Sovereign Citizen who used to write to me frequently, with his peculiar style of phrasing every statement as a question. He’s back. This time he cc’ed his email to a bunch of people, but it’s addressed to…Richard Carrier’s lawyer. I think he wants to form an alliance.

I encourage this consolidation of their forces.

Are you aware that the University of Minnesota is currently illegally withholding Freethoughtblogs CEO & University of Minnesota, Morris Associate Professor PZ Myers’ criminal investigative data for his vandalism of a UMM newspaper from me? The Mirandized audio statement in DSS format and the corresponding transcript along with Myers’ writing sample and the vandalized student newspapers must be extremely damning for Myers’ and the University of Minnesota for them to illegally withholding them, right? How would you like the look at the evidence for the criminal complaint that I filed with the University Police for the the U of M’s data compliance officials willful refusal to provide me with Myers data? See attached. Oh, I’ve also included the Auroa Center data request that the U of M is also illegally withholding from me, haven’t I?

Terry Dean, Nemmers (320) 283-5713

If you’re wondering what he’s talking about, the campus right-wing newspaper accused me, without evidence, of having stolen a bunch of their papers. They had the campus police take a statement from me in which I denied everything. That was it. Ever since, Comma has been absolutely convinced that there is deep dark evidence of some wicked conspiracy in that recording, which the university is now trying to cover up, even though they told him they would make a copy of the tape and give it to him for the fee of $43.50. I guess that’s all it takes to stymie a True Patriot’s defense of the Principles of the United States of America, is a $43.50 fee.

You know, Carrier’s lawyer could go ahead and use Carrier’s money to purchase that recording. I don’t mind. Anyone can get it.

He also included a bunch of pdfs in his email, including the UMM Incident Report about the university’s official response to Comma’s accusation that I was harassing him, and the various correspondence he had to obtain his proof of my perfidy. He’s a very silly, man.


  1. woozy says

    Oh, I’ve also included the Auroa Center data request that the U of M is also illegally withholding from me, haven’t I?

    How the hell would I know. Have you?

  2. says

    What’s this about some

    …SWAT data for botched raid on Glenwood’s America’s Best
    Value Inn.

    PZ, are you secretly a king pin, funneling contraband GMO zebra fish through the Value Inn? The University says they know nothing about it, but they would, wouldn’t they?

    You can tell us. We won’t squeal, will we?

  3. Azkyroth, B*Cos[F(u)]==Y says

    You should probably scrub that phone number out of the email…


  4. xmp999 says

    I almost feel sorry for the guy. He probably can’t afford the $43.50 since he doesn’t have access to the George Soros millions that we liberal elites get for promoting climate change and the gay agenda…

  5. robro says

    xmp999 @ #8

    He probably can’t afford the $43.50…

    Probably, but if he could he might consider it an unfair fee and part of the government scam to suck money out of true patriots. After all, a key reason for the American Revolution was “taxation without representation” and he had no representation in setting this fee.

  6. Usernames! 🦑 says

    I feel sorry for the guy. Having lived with a person who had a TBI that destroyed his executive function, it is unnerving how close we bipedal hairless apes are to wild, enraged, dangerous animals. But for a tiny mass of meat housed in the front part of our skulls, we’d have killed each other long ago.

    I don’t know what is going on with Comma, but he acts like my old roomie. I hope he can get whatever help he needs so he doesn’t end up like Dennis Markuze.

  7. microraptor says

    Seems like allying with Comma is only going to make the case easier on you. I can’t imagine too many judges are going to tolerate his brand of nonsense for any significant length of time.

  8. ck, the Irate Lump says

    Azkyroth, B*Cos[F(u)]==Y wrote:

    You should probably scrub that phone number out of the email…


    Because it can enable harassment, and there is no useful purpose to disclose it.

  9. Azkyroth, B*Cos[F(u)]==Y says

    Because it can enable harassment, and there is no useful purpose to disclose it.

    That’s a good general practice but not applicable in this case since the sole reason it’s available to “disclose” is because he included it in the process of engaging in harassment himself, the substance of which is being quoted verbatim.

    This is like* arguing that a person should turn off their burglar alarm because if a burglar breaks a window and sets it off, the loud noise could startle him and cause him to cut himself on the broken glass.

    *no, not “perfectly” like, that’s what an analogy IS, and observing that it’s an analogy rather than an identity is neither cute nor clever; it is similar in the relevant aspects.

  10. cartomancer says

    I’m looking forward to the Pharyngula end-of-series special, where PZ’s entire Rogues’ Gallery of villains teams up to bring him down, and he has to dust off his secret mechanical squid suit to fight them off. Stuart Pivar swings in from one side, waving a balloon, while Dennis Markuze keeps him busy ranting nonsense from the front and Thunderfoot sneaks round the back for a quick, fumbling stab or two. In the end it turns out that they’ve all been in the pay of Donald Trump all along, who is secretly PZ’s evil clone, and the epic confrontation ends with a stand-off in the freezing snow-fields of Minnesota in mid-winter fighting with frozen zebrafish.

  11. KG says

    Huh? Isn’t this obviously some nefarious individual impersonating comma? Didn’t you notice that the sentence: “See attached.” has no question mark?

  12. rq says

    I like cartomancer’s scenario. Though I do have some small shred of sympathy for the zebrafish involved. After all, they thought it was all for science.

  13. markkernes says

    I’m guessing the reason he writes everything in the form of a question is that someone told him that a thought can’t be libelous if it’s phrased as a question.

  14. secondtofirstworld says

    @Azkyroth, B*Cos[F(u)]==Y #14 and @xmp999 #8:

    Legal interpretations, at times, can be very tricky, I let both of you decide, which one is crazier. This week, a thirtysomething teacher was acquitted of charges for sexting with an 11-year old boy. The reasoning of the prosecution was in their binding decision, that since a) such messages were exchanged outside school hours, where his guidance obligations are suspended in favor of the parents and b) the minor responded in kind out of free will. Digest that for a second. The same white and Christian country that just last week passed a law on protecting child rights does this.

    On the other thing. Yes, we could have a hearty laugh at the expense of nutty conspiracy that is the idea George Soros has his hands in everything… a few weeks prior this too was enacted into law. Any NGO which in any shape and form helps a third country citizen is subject to a special tax.

    What’s not funny is this: my people don’t have a functioning Freedom of Information Act, public data has to be either sued or heftily paid to be made public. Usually 4 or 5 times 43.50. Imagine if America worked like that (though, after the IRS waived its right to look into foreign donations, you’re halfway there). There was a different ruling on the indexation of individuals, whom a governmental newspaper deemed “shills of Soros”. The ruling said it’s nothing wrong with such baseless accusations because the individuals do not comprise membership in any minority.

    The letter of the law (though admittedly I studied Roman law) is only as strong as its spirit. I heed others to check in from time to time on what happens in places, like Poland or Hungary, as some American conservatives like to use it as a sandbox/maturation chamber to test how their ideas would work back home. My de jure government doesn’t involve itself with an esteemed scientist, like PZ, they just go straight up in gangsta mode and defund the academy, like they did last week. In other words, it’ll pretty much the government who says what’s scientific and what isn’t.

  15. Owlmirror says

    @cartomancer, #15:

    With a little tweaking, that could be added to The Papacy Pastiche . . .

    (It’s not PZ, it’s JZ Mordecai. So the balloonophile will be something like Camber Parfait; the ranting fan of Snotsromadus will be Teufel Mazurka, and so on and so forth)

  16. Owlmirror says

    Further to #20, the author of the current rant will be something like H@r;ry!?!^%; $(e)ân,,, S*m!mə{r}?s??,.?

  17. blf says

    secondtofirstworld@19, “I heed others to check in from time to time on what happens in places, like Poland or Hungary, as some American conservatives like to use it as a sandbox / maturation chamber to test how their ideas would work back home.”

    Seconded, I’ve been insisting for years now that if you want a clew what will happen in trumplandia, look at Poland. (I’m not up-to-speed, so to speak, with Hungary; apologies.) For instance, in Poland the judiciary has been under attack by the now-ruling (again) PiS. Currently, the Supreme Court is under attack, with a very recent law “requiring” the Justices to retire at such-and-so age — where, conveniently, most of the current Justices are older, hence allowing the “government” to pack the court with cronies. (That won’t work in the States since the constitution ensures a judgeship is for life, barring impeachment.)

    In the States, teh thugs held up numerous judicial appointments under Obama, so that traitor don could make his own choices, which are then (usually) swiftly approved. Needless to say, most of the choices have been truly awful. The constitutional judge-for-life now kicks in, making removing those people should sanity return a problem. And as it happens, traitor don has got at least two Supreme Court picks, one due to the thugs holding-up of Obama’s selection, with the result that whilst he hasn’t packed the court Polish-style, he (probably) has a “reliable” majority and one that is hostile to presidential impeachment (and related, such as even investigating the president — Trump supreme court pick called Nixon Watergate tapes ruling erroneous: “Brett Kavanaugh’s view of 1974 ruling that led to end of a presidency attracts attention as Mueller investigation continues”).

    Poland is also busy destroying the largest and almost-last pristine forest in Europe (Poland vows to continue logging in Białowieża forest despite court ban: “Government signals it will defy order from EU’s top court to suspend operations in Unesco-listed ancient forest”); traitor don and teh dalekocracy is gutting the EPA, et al., and has started to attack the Endangered Species Act (Trump’s next target? The endangered species that define America).

    The list of parallels goes on. Anti-abortion? Check. Misogynistic? Check. Anti-immigrant? Check. And on and on… Anti-EU? Check. And on and on…

    Of course, it could be argued much of this is common to most any authoritarian-minded “government” in what is assumed to be functioning democracy. And / or too much is being read into those parallels. Which comes back to the initial point — Poland (and Hungary) can be seen as testbeds for bannonworld.

    One hugely important difference is neither Poland nor Hungry has a big red button; traitor don does. And an oversized military.

  18. secondtofirstworld says

    @blf #32:

    I have dire hopes because of two Supreme Justices retiring can have the same effect as forcing them into retirement (which has happened in Hungary in 2011), and that’s personal pride of not willing to give their legacy to certain decisions which would taint their work. The biggest danger of Kavanaugh is the same as with Thomas and the late Scalia. It’s built on the false premise, that the spirit of the law need not be followed, as the newer generation raised under said law already heed it as a core value.

    Problem is that’s a load of crock. Every time people don’t like a law, they either break it themselves and/or raise their kids to disrespect those values. People close to the Federalist Papers have the wet dream of spinning the wheel of time back to the point where there was only the Bill of Rights.

    I understand PZ and the others that being busy with the lawsuit robs them time from other happenings, and yet, liberals and progressives of America should drop the assumption post-Reagan conservatives only operate in America. There’s no need to go further than Fox News and Breitbart as ultimate tools to constantly bombard conservatives with the real and alleged plight of white people abroad, that has the clear goal of convincing white America Democrats are alien loving un-American bolsheviks who don’t care about the future and survival of white people.

    That’s the very same method Poland and Hungary are using (though at times against each other, just last weekend Mr. Orbán said the Baltics and ¨Poland should get bigger NATO protection in exchange of free trade with Russia for the others). They claim Brussels to be the synonym of the Kremlin, who care way more for others.

    One big example that was almost unheard of, the visit of Kim Davis to Romania, presumably to reassure people that a marriage is between and a woman (just like in the constitution of Hungary) and that being a bigot is cool. Nay, necessary.