The kitchen as a metaphor for the war against the patriarchy

Remember Mario Batali’s clunky apology for harassment that included a pizza dough cinnamon roll recipe? We found it hard to believe how inappropriate and off-key the whole thing was.

Welp, someone made the pizza dough cinnamon rolls. It’s beautifully angry. Everything about it — the sloppy, incomplete recipe, the bad combination of pizza dough and a pastry, the terrible result — is a bitter metaphor for the institutionalized sexism women have to deal with all the time. I thought the apology was bad, but now I’m sure the celebrity chef is bad, too.


  1. says

    Geraldine’s blog is a delight overall. Her experiences trying paleo cooking are laugh-out-loud funny, the entry about Soylent is similarly hilarious (but not to be read on a full stomach), and despite her self deprecation her travel blog is wonderful.

    Recommended reading.

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    I hate them, but I keep eating them. Like I’m somehow destroying Batali’s shitty sexist horcrux in every bite.

    So delicious…

  3. methuseus says

    @rietplum #3-4:

    Well, it would have been lovely if the background wasn’t so nasty.

    It’s definitely lovely, even with the given background. It’s not lovely like a lovingly made recipe for your family. It’s lovely in the way a beautifully made church is lovely: with the knowledge of the centuries of hatefulness and abuse, there is still beauty at the core.