1. stwriley says

    I just got back from marshaling for the March for Science in Raleigh, NC. We had a huge turnout, far bigger than the three thousand expected. We got at least double that, maybe as many as ten thousand (we’ll know when the official crowd-count figures come out later today.) The marchers stretched out for the entire mile of the march route from Shaw University to Moore Square, going past the State Capital, with the lead elements already in the Square before the final marchers left Shaw and solidly packed the whole way. It was a glorious day for science in Raleigh! My favorite sign, by the way, was a sandwich board on a golden retriever that read “Alternate Cat”.

  2. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    While Nye may not be an orator in the tradition of Obama, he seemed to have a grasp of the real issues and ideas in his speech. He was obviously reading from the paper in front of him rather than using the teleprompters. The use of the teleprompters makes his message seem more important by being able to maintain eye contact with the crowd.

    If I were doing such a speech, I would probably feel more comfortable with the notes in front of me, rather than using the teleprompter, as the chemistry lectures were delivered using notes.

  3. says

    I think he did fine.

    He did much better than I would have in this Today Show segment, where Kathie Lee could barely contain her disdain for him.

    What is it with rainy weather on the day of both the Reason Rally and the Science March? What crummy luck.

    I wonder if there’s a better chance, statistically, of a clear day in D.C. in June or July?

  4. logicalcat says

    As per usual, the youtube comment section is a cesspit of idiots. Here’s my favorite: “Stop bitching about your love of facts and science but slamming down anyone who brings up the biological reality of racial differences in intelligence. Oh also you cant change you fucking chromosomes and become a different gender. Eat shit libcucks.”.

  5. atgc says

    To say that the US Constitution is a model for democracies everywhere is only true if your knowledge of history ends with WWII. Most democratic governments formed since then are far more influenced by parliamentary systems.