I am so proud of these people

Protesters briefly disrupted the hearings for that fascist fuckwit, Jeff Sessions. Remember in the coming years that these were the people who had the guts to make a stand before a swarm of deplorable racists were installed at the top of our government.

What are you doing to fight back?


  1. rpjohnston says

    My current plans are to attend the protest in Washington during the inauguration. I’m trying to find people I know to go with, since I’ve never been to a protest before, though the one I thought most likely to want to go with me didn’t want to risk getting shot by Nazis.

    I just got done doing some phone banking for a Democrat running in a special election in another district; if he’s elected he’ll split the state Senate, with the tiebreaker being the Democratic Lt Governor. Cold calling random strangers is…difficult. But I’ll have to just do it.

    My state has a gubernatorial election coming in November as well; I’m going to try to see what i can do to support our candidate (and other elected members of our government), hopefully in paid position but as volunteer where needed to. I’m not entirely sure right now how to go about doing that but I have ideas of where to look.

    Being an aspie even functioning in low-key situations is confusing and stressful, public situations exponentially more so but like with the phone banking, I just gotta…do it. Something, whatever my socially r***** ass can do.

  2. Becca Stareyes says

    I called my Senators. Both are Republicans from a state that leans pretty Republican, but even if I become ‘that liberal from Lincoln who calls us every week to register her opposition to whatever the Senator is doing’, I figure it reminds them that someone is watching.

    There’s a counter-protest scheduled for a local anti-abortion protest this weekend. I might go to that: trying to get my butt out the door when I have domestic concerns like ‘wow, when was the last time I cleaned the bathroom, sheesh,’ is another step. But if I can get in the habit of calling and writing Congress, I can get in the habit of showing up. (Or being the person on-call if I can’t show up and friends can.)

  3. Czech American says


    I am not a fan of crowds, and extended time out in the cold might do a number on me, but I’ll recover, and I’ve got to do something too. So I plan to drag my unhappy ass downtown on the 20th too. Doesn’t help you, I know.

  4. FossilFishy (NOBODY, and proud of it!) says

    I’m a Canadian immigrant in Australia and other than the pittance I donated to Planned Parenthood I’m not sure there’s much I can do. And fucking hell, I wish there was.

    I’m sure the fact that Ms. Fishy and the Small Fry are away has something to do with the tears I shed as I watched that. After all, my depression coping strategies tend to regress to old, unhealthy ways when they’re not around. Despite my possible overreaction, there’s plenty to fear if one has the slightest hint of compassion for disadvantaged folks.

    These people, these racists and kleptocrats, have histories. Their words in the public record condemn them. Condem them so strongly that even a foreigner can see it clearly. Accusations of fascism will be dismissed as fantastical, but unlike the accusation of Obama’s adherence to the Muslim faith for example, these ones come from the willing public statements of the accused. And fuck me, because the election of Trump has shown that that won’t make a damn bit of difference.

    I’m scared for everyone who is vulnerable in the states. And if anyone has a concrete suggestions to how I could help, I’m all ears.

  5. AndrewD says

    I am doing very little with regard to Trumpolini but this has more to do with being British and living in The Socialist city of Leicester U.K. than not opposing the Greater orange blob. I am however a very active member of the Labour party and doing my bit to save the UK from the neo-feudalists currently in power.

  6. Garcia says

    Both my husband and I plan to attend the local march for Planned Parenthood on the 15th and the local Woman’s march on the 21st. We have encouraged our five children living in other cities, states and countries to join in any protest they are able to attend. I live in a Blue state, Oregon and want to keep it that way by paying attention in local politics and volunteer when possible. I also plan to be very vocal around friends and family and even strangers. I refuse to tolerate this abomination that is the republican party that willingly let a man like trump become president through lies and gerrymandering and obstructing voters.

  7. Nancy Holst says

    I’m from Chicago, Illinois a blue state but representative from our district is republican (Peter Roskam). I have him on my contact list now. Have already called his office several times. I’ll be marching on the 21st at Women’s March on Chicago. That will be a first for me. Have already alienated several members of my family by being so vocal about issues although that really started over Christmas when religion came up during dinner. I’m going to be 58 in March and I’m just sick and tired of acquiescing.

  8. flybywire says

    Donated to Planned Parenthood, renewed ACLU membership, donated to FFRF, and will be marching in Lansing with my daughter on the 21st. Probably still not enough, but hopefully it makes a difference.

  9. multitool says

    I’m in Virginia and I’ve been phone banking for our special elections, which could flip our state senate to Democratic control.

    They happened today! Knock on wood, goddammit!

  10. mnb0 says

    “What are you doing to fight back?”
    Since October 2000 I’ve been teaching math and physics to teens in a former war zone in an underdeveloped country (though not exactly Haiti) for a salary much lower than yours. The vast majority of those teens were black – and I don’t mean Obama pseudoblack.



    How many of your students have been black last 17 years?

  11. throwaway, never proofreads, every post a gamble says

    Is sanctimonious gloating a perk of what you do, mnbo?

  12. says

    I don’t mean Obama pseudoblack.

    WTF, mnb0? That’s an incredibly racist remark.

    How many of your students have been black last 17 years?

    I haven’t been counting, and it’s not something I score in my gradebooks. Last I looked at our university stats, though, we’re at about 25% students of color, including 15% American Indian, probably something like 5% black, maybe a bit less. Maybe they were all “pseudoblack”, though, so they don’t count.

    So if someone is “pseudoblack” do they get out of all the discrimination, the implicit racism, and historical disadvantages they’d get if they were true black?

  13. frankb says

    I did some anti-Vietnam protesting back in the day but my youngest daughter is carrying the standard now. She volunteers at the local women’s clinic and she is going to DC for the protests. She notified me of a meeting in a nearby city to protest a police shooting of a local who was guilty of being a citizen while black. I am hoping to go.

  14. vucodlak says

    I knew what was coming the moment Trump started winning. But I lied to myself, listened to the polls and pundits, because I did not want to believe. I’m still lying to myself. The laws and institutions that delivered Trump et al unto us will not save us from what he brings, but still, I do nothing.

    I don’t even want to talk about it, but here’s how I see it: The Trump movement (as in the whole poisonous culture of which Trump is merely a paragon) will bring death and destruction on a scale never before seen in human history. The Trumptonians will eventually use nuclear weapons, and all it will take is one to set the whole world off like a string of firecrackers. Then comes the fallout, the famine, and the plagues. Some people will probably survive. Billions will not.

    We will burn, if we continue on like this is normal. Protests, calling congress-critters, making donations, etc. will not stop what’s coming. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do those things; they’re good things. But they will not stop what’s coming. I’m not sure anything can.

    I have a dream that, someday in the near future, we, the people, will wake up to that little inevitability. That we will rise up as a single enraged organism, storm the halls of power, haul out the small-minded, short-sighted scum who have brought us to this point, express our displeasure with the current situation, then leave what’s left of them hanging from pikes on Capitol Hill as a warning to any who might murder the world.

    I really hope someone has a better plan. Or even just A plan. I’ve got nothing, but I am certain that “business as usual” will not save us.

  15. wzrd1 says

    That we will rise up as a single enraged organism, storm the halls of power, haul out the small-minded, short-sighted scum who have brought us to this point, express our displeasure with the current situation, then leave what’s left of them hanging from pikes on Capitol Hill as a warning to any who might murder the world.

    Alas, those very halls of power are guarded by enough manpower and ordinance to depopulate the very city that those halls of power are located within.
    Worse, to be frank, Trump strikes me as the type to actually order his white house nuked, once he’s clear of the blast zone, should it be stormed sufficiently for him to actually have to evacuate.
    After, of course, he consulted with his master, Putin.

    First, organized public displays, such as protests make you a target of fascists. Organize resistance cells, no names, dead drop contact methods, small cells, etc.
    Second, no boisterous methods. It’ll detract from others efforts and worse, attract attention to all possible cells.
    Third, coordinate via cellular communications (not the damned cell phones, via the cell network communication chain).

    Once he’s inaugurated, we are literally an occupied nation. With the NSA directly reporting to the Traitor in Chief.
    We’ll see what shakes loose, as some intelligence sources are already “leaking” some damaging documents that the press hasn’t noticed yet.
    Given the observed behavior, there are ideas being discussed as to have to drive certain behaviors. Given a narcissistic behavioral trend and a financial worth worship, that can be driven, as one example.
    No, other examples won’t be provided, I’ve come close enough to treason for one evening.
    Just remember, those within the government are also horrified beyond measure, even more so given certain intelligence.

    Oh, a side note, I accidentally deleted an e-mail notification of concern over certain comments that I made last evening. Alas, that’s automatically deleted, due to my e-mail software configuration.
    My apologies. I’ve contracted a *really* bad cold, high fever and an odd interaction between cold medication and prescribed medication. My apologizes.
    Thankfully, the fever broke, the sinus pressure that made me wonder if I’d lose an eye is lower as well. Add in some anxiety over laser eye surgery for posterior lens capsule opacification, which was and remains groundless, my bad.
    But, now I can fully see blue again! :)
    Think of both a cataract and posterior lens capsule opacification appearing like viewing the world through glass smeared with vasoline.
    I’m off to the land of nod and again, my apologies.

    Why do young people today think that it’s a good idea to visit elders when their child is sick? Sharing the misery?
    When our children were ill, we kept them away from our elders, lest they become ill.
    Then again, these assholes don’t even close the damned door, despite our expressed concern over the safety of our cat, the below freezing temperatures outside and our heating bill.

  16. says

    I’m leaving tomorrow for Baltimore, on my way to the women’s march on Washington on the 21st. And I don’t even live in the country, so I guess I’m going as a foreign agitator.

    I always wanted to be an agitator. Snif. Hope Pharyngula will help spread the news of our bail crowdfunders…

  17. KG says

    and I don’t mean Obama pseudoblack. – mnbo@13

    Claims that Obama isn’t really black – even though he’d undoubtedly have had to ride in the back of the bus in the pre-Civil-Rights South, and would have risked lynching if he’d been thought to have as much as touched a white woman – has been a favourite trope of the racist right throughout his term. So now we know exactly what to think of you, mnbo.

  18. KG says

    And to answer the question PZ posed – well, I’ll be out marching from Edinburgh Waverley station to the American Consulate on 20th in protest, but aside from that, continuing my political activity with the Scottish Green Party*, Friends of the Earth, Radical Independence Campaign, CND, Stop The War…

    *I have to say – don’t associate us with Jill Stein.

  19. unclefrogy says

    well as was said he is consistent at least.
    I am not all that sure like “the man” once said I only know what I read in the papers (e-papers) but I am not so sure that DJT can be bought or that he is known for great follow through the claims seldom match the product. In fact the only thing for sure is if the choice is taking the hit or screwing someone he will leave his creditors hanging as well as employees and customers unless he can use the lose for tax evasion .
    Unless Putin has some pretty serious stuff to use as leverage he will try to screw him also.
    I kind of feel for DJT (a little) he is between the people and histories opinion of him and a guy who is not known for being a forgiving kind of guy.
    uncle frogy