1. joel says

    Exactly 27 police officers were intentionally killed while on duty in the USA in 2013. Twenty-six were shot, one was deliberately hit by a car. Another 48 cops died in car accidents while on duty (this does not include the one intentional killing by car). Law enforcement is not in the top 10 most dangerous professions.

    Meanwhile, more than 400 civilians were killed by police. We don’t know the exact number because police department are not required to report killings of civilians to any sort of national database – the 400 number reflects those that were reported voluntarily. Independent estimates of police killings seem to come up with numbers around 1,000, but these are necessarily unreliable because, again, no reporting required.

    Being in the presence of a cop is far more dangerous than being a cop.

  2. Dark Jaguar says

    As someone once said, “I want to trust the police, but it’s hard.”

    This is why it’s hard. Along those lines, when exactly did police switch from wearing blue to wearing black? I understand it was to look more menacing, but isn’t it better to look more like someone dedicated to preserving the peace?

  3. unclefrogy says

    the list illustrates the reality that should never be forgotten.
    No amount of rationalization can alter the reality that we as citizens are tolerant of this situation. The police are employed by us to do what we want, It is our responsibility to find out what they are actually doing and if it is doing what we want it to do. From just a surface observation I would have to say that what they say they are doing and what is happening do not match very well.
    uncle frogy