1. chigau (違う) says

    re: link in #2
    “The content owner has not made this video available on mobile
    Add to playlist to watch it later on a PC.”
    I don’t think I can be arsed.

  2. Rev. BigDumbChimp says

    Sesame street really did kick some ass in the 70’s. Haven’t seen it since I got older.

  3. swampfoot says

    Johnny Cash was a Progressive, and strong advocate for social justice issues. He was a Christian certainly, but I still admire his guts when it came to trying to promote his song The Ballad of Ira Hayes.

  4. swampfoot says

    Oops, Cash actually only covered The Ballad of Ira Hayes, it was actually written by Peter La Farge.

  5. says


    Sesame street really did kick some ass in the 70′s.

    Being a recent connoisseur of Sesame Street, I can tell you that it’s pretty freaking awesome right now. The celebrity guests are ridiculous, they have spoofed SO MANY SHOWS (True Blood, Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire…), and the lessons (both academic and social) are basically the same as you remember. They’ve also added some structure to the show that I don’t recall from when I growing up– they all start with a monster named Murray giving and defining the word of the day, then there’s the skit on The Street, then they have their word of the day explained by a muppet and a celebrity, then about halfway through there’s Abby’s Flying Fairy School and at the very end is an Elmo bit.

    We have some DVDs of episodes from the early to mid- 2000s and those… weren’t as good. At all. Plus, that was the heyday of Elmo’s World which at it’s worst was creepy as shit. (“Can you guess what Elmo’s thinking about? That’s right, Elmo’s thinking about skin!”)

    tl;dr Sesame Street is still teh awesomest.