1. says

    I am, kind of, actually, a bit confused how you “lend” seeds. I mean, do they expect you, if the plant produces seed, to bring and equal number back, or next season you get charged with a hefty overdue seed charge? Somehow the word being used seems.. a bit odd in context. lol

  2. inquisitiveraven says

    There’s a faq: Yes they’re open pollinated varieties, and yes the idea is that gardeners will bring seeds from their crop back to the library, but aside from sending out a reminder at the end of the growing season, they aren’t going to sweat it if someone doesn’t.

  3. MissEla says

    This is a *great* idea! I’ll forward this on to our local library system to see if we could institute this kind of program. (I don’t see why not–this county is full of home-growin’, organic-lovin’ peeps. :) )