1. anuran says

    Flagrant turgid sex organs out there in front of gawd and everyone. Shameless!

  2. John Morales says

    [meta + OT]

    otrame @4, some do!

    (Check out BME if you doubt me! :|)

  3. RFW says

    Strongly reminds me of one of B. Kliban’s cartoons, “Genitals of the Universe”.

    Sorry, but I can’t say which book it’s in: he published a fair number during his lamentably short life. While I’ve got all of them sitting on the bookshelf, and I love the Pharyngula commentariat, it’s too damned much work to leaf through them all looking for a specific cartoon.

    Anti-Pharyngulism: Kliban’s first book was the immortal “Cat”, 1975.

  4. magic pants, celestial slacker says

    Monodelphy – stamens unite! Form a Superphallus!

  5. Antiochus Epiphanes says

    graga: mallow out. Pollen is already stigmatized already.