It’s a good thing mothers can even love nerds

It’s a bit late for Mother’s Day, but here are some biological truths about maternal and paternal inheritance. Warning: this is major nerd overload. Wear goggles.

The goggles! They do nothing!


  1. hallstrom.anders says

    My mother would like it.. She wouldt understand it, but she would love it… Why.. more of her.

    And they just dressed and looked like nerds…

  2. alysonmiers says

    If I were his mom I’d be forwarding this video to all my co-workers and practically daring them to deny that my boy is cooler than theirs.

  3. charley says

    I had some tissues ready to handle the bleeding eardrums, but it is actually very nicely done.

  4. Pradeep says

    Love the cameo with the bearded biology professor towards the end. Hope you inspire this type of nerdiness in all of our students.

  5. Chimbley Sweep says

    Man, so much negativity. Have the interwebs made you all so callous?

    That was a wonderful song. Geeky, but wonderful. Lyric structure was creative, with playful rhymes. Chord progression was simple, but solid. Melody was catchy and bright. His performance was sweet and tuneful.

    I, for one, think it’s a great mother’s day song.

  6. hinakuu says

    If I have a child, I hope he/she will be this awesome.
    (It made me tear up a little bit too, thinking about my own mom.)

  7. Haruhiist says

    I’d like to send it to my mom, but I don’t think she would get the biological references. Because I don’t get them all either :(

  8. charley says

    Man, so much negativity.

    Just to be clear, I agree with you completely. I just meant I was expecting the worst before I listened.

  9. says

    I think this is brilliant, but I’ll never be able to give this song to my mom without her thinking I’m trying to destroy her belief in God.

    Unfortunate side effect of explaining ERVs and other biological evidences that prove Adam and Eve weren’t as they were in the Bible, that the real “Adam” and “Eve” of the human race were African, has led her to believe that no matter what, when I start talking about biology that I’m immediately attacking her religion as well.

    Ah well.


  10. redrabbitslife says

    That was hilarious! Nerd overload and kind of a sweet tune, very folksy. My mom wouldn’t get it, but who cares!

  11. Sili, The Unknown Virgin says

    Nice tie.

    Speaking of which. He’ll have to find hella one for his dad to make up for this put-down.

  12. UXO says

    Aside from the fact that he looks like he’s got a cheek full of chaw, I’d call this a total win. Roughly a million times better than any of that auto-tune crap, in any case!

  13. Adavidson says

    OMG this is so confusing. On one hand its frikkin awesome, but, so damn depressing at the same time. Like watching geriatric pornography, you know you shouldn`t, but you can`t look away..

  14. Mattir says

    I third what Katrina and Carlie said. I’m a mom, and I think it’s totally awesome. Of course, both of my kids are toying with becoming biologists of some variety, and are already atheist feminist rationalists, so obviously slightly more than half of them is me…

    Plus I probably still have their cells floating around in my bloodstream.

  15. pacoyogi says

    I am a mother, and I think this rocks.

    For Mother’s Day my 7 year-old gave me a hand-made magazine about our family…it might be my most treasured possession.

  16. mermaid says

    I love it:-) I am mother of four guys, three in science related fields, wife of an old computer geek, Aunt to a physicist and biology teacher. I understood enough to appreciate it although I am more an English/art person. Very sweet, thanks.

  17. NewlyHuman says

    If my kids had written and sung me that I would possibly have exploded with pride.
    I can only dream of science nerd offspring of that caliber.

  18. cadamole says

    Damn. I thought those kickin’ shades would hide my nerdiness.

    Anyway, glad you guys (mostly) enjoyed my salute to mothers everywhere and thanks to PZ for posting.

  19. PZ Myers says

    It’s the sweater. It’s so…Mr Rogers.

    I’ve got one like that too, but at least mine is a manly, macho blue.

  20. jenea says

    Cool, cadamole himself shows up! If you’re still reading, let us know where we can download the song so I can play it in the car. My kid loves science songs! I’d be happy to pay for the privilege.

  21. CompulsoryAccount7746 says

    Robert Sapolsky’s awesome! :D
    I heartily recommend his TTC Lectures on Neurobiology and Human Behavior, if you can get a hold of em.

    Of course there was that OCD & Religion lecture a while back:

    Stress, Neurodegeneration and Individual Differences was good too:

    Toxoplasmosis and other Parasites:

  22. Carlie says

    cadamole, I second the request for a downloadable version (I know one can grab it off of youtube, but that seems vaguely unethical to me). I teach a class on the evolution of reproductive strategies, and this would fit in perfectly.

  23. ladyh42 says

    Thirded, or forthed, or whatever, what Carlie said. I’m a mom and totally loved it. My kids aren’t old enough to understand this yet (my daughter is not yet 4 but likes to point out the ‘dinosaur birds!’) but I did send this to my mom, who I hope will like it too.

  24. Haley says

    I’m not a mother, and this man is probably older than I am, so why did this make me tear up with maternal pride?

  25. momkat says

    To this obstetric nurse practitioner and mother, this is the best kind of nerdiness. Reminds me of They Might Be Giants and the delightful science songs they do.

  26. says


    Warning: this is major nerd overload.

    I’m sure the über-nerds can take it.

  27. Form&Function says

    Yes! I was thinking of using it my classes as well. This is not only charming but biologically accurate and I thought it was just great :). Nice job, cadamole!

  28. legistech says

    Sheesh, all I thought was that it was awesome. The nerdiness didn’t even register with me.

  29. echidna says

    Like the multitude of mothers on this thread, I liked it very much. Lacking the Mr. Rogers cultural touchstone in this part of the world, the jumper (sweater for people in the US) doesn’t signal “nerd”.

  30. sparganium5 says

    As a biologist whose oldest son is a guitar-playing college student (and one of his majors is neurobiology), I have to say this is both an amazing song and a creative tribute to mothers. I will send the link to my son, who will undoubtedly love it as well.

  31. chgo_liz says

    I emailed the link to my oldest daughter and told her that THAT was what she should have sent me on Mother’s Day….if that gives you any idea, Cadamole, of how thoroughly awesome I found your song!

  32. Kirk says

    I am a mother, and I think this rocks.

    My opinion as a father is also that this rocks, although I don’t generally say things like “this rocks”. I’m trying to enter into the spirit of the thing, though.

    I’m more than happy to be called a nerd, but I don’t see this as nerdy. It’s just a great song. No, not just. Genius.

    slightly more than half

    Is the domicile of cadamole in the midwest? I’m only asking because, if so, then slightly more than half is, well, pretty high praise. I mean, in Iowa, you just had a lifetime accomplishment.

  33. Downunderandy says

    Sent the link to my biologist friend. She was blown away and is sending the link everywher.

  34. jjdiogenes says

    Awesome job Cadamole! I hope my sons grow up to be half as nerdy as you!

    I was actually thinking the same thing as Momkat, you kind of sound like They Might Be Giants and certainly are as lyrical . . . perhaps if John Linnell or John Flansburgh retires . . . hmmm.

    Please post an mp3 of this somewhere – I’d love to download it.

    Also, my mom would have completely gotten it! You’re mom has to be beeming.

  35. Nebula99 says

    That is too awesome! He can actually sing and write lyrics; a lot of science singers can’t. My mom’s not a bio person but I am; if I did my job as a kid she’ll get it.

    Roughly a million times better than any of that auto-tune crap, in any case!

    [argumentative]You are nuts. Symphony of Science is still better. [/argumentative]

    I’m going to show this to my mom ASAP.

  36. says

    This song sounds like it’s a They Might Be Giants song…if it isn’t they should pay him to let them do a cover-version!

  37. Youngie says

    Awwwwwww! That’s so sweet. I really think my Mum would have enjoyed that.