1. Brownian, OM says

    Years on this site and I’m still unsure of my cephalopod biology.

    I get that the blue one is the priest, but the brownish one with the wide, terrified eyes: is that one an altar boy, an Irish child in a Catholic school, a nun, or a prostitute hired by the Vatican?

  2. daveau says

    Like other cephalopods, the Caribbean Reef Squid, is semelparous, dying after reproducing. Females lay their eggs then die immediately after. The males, however, can fertilize many females in a short period of time before they die.

    Still worth it. (Yay, Friday!)

  3. Cuttlefish, OM says

    Oh, my…

    Let this be a warning to all of you: be careful what pics you take “just for fun”. Never know when suddenly they are all over the internet…

  4. Givesgoodemail says

    Nah, Joey. I get that image of Nemo’s Nautilus from LoEG in my mind.

    Who knew (those that only saw the movie and not read the book) that Nemo was an ethnic Arab?

  5. IaMoL says

    I think they’re way past the courtin’ stage.
    As my great aunt used to say, “they’re wallerin’ in the sheets !”(sans sheets)

  6. SEF says

    @ Glen Davidson #4:

    damp squid

    That put-down phrase would normally be “damp squib”. Quite a different thing altogether.

  7. Mike Wagner says

    Would PZ or any other scientist with lab space be willing to take on the responsibility of a spontaneously generated Crocoduck?
    I only ask because I made ‘creation of a complex organism’ a requirement for proof of a deity after someone asked me what it would take to get me to believe.

  8. Creature of the Universe says

    hooooray!! I’ve been using that same image on my business cards and bank checks for the last four months!

  9. Ye Olde Blacksmith says

    Maybe it is just all of the arms, but squid sex sure looks like an awful lot of fun.

  10. Glen Davidson says

    That put-down phrase would normally be “damp squib”. Quite a different thing altogether.

    And I can’t make a word-play off of that phrase?

    Yes, I know it’s “squib,” and that the “damp” refers to the fact that a squib won’t light when damp.

    Not that there won’t always be someone to “correct” a little joke.

    Glen D

  11. Nepenthe says

    Mr. Wagner, I was trying to pay attention, but I was distracted by your lovely friend.

    Strangulation is “I love you” in Serpentine.

  12. says

    Captain Nemo was an Indian, according to Mysterious Island.