Believers in holy ghosts wonder how people can be so stupid to believe in regular ghosts

I have to give the Baptist Standard some credit — they actually have a good article that debunks common stereotypes and myths about atheists, and chides people for falling for patently bogus rumors. At the same time, though, they ask a question that made me laugh:

From the old Procter & Gamble Satanism libel to tales of more recent vintage about President Obama’s faith and citizenship, Internet-fueled rumors seem to run rampant. And, frighteningly, Christians seem at the very least to be as susceptible as the population at large to spread false stories.

So, why are Christians so willing to believe unsubstantiated rumors? And more troubling, why are Christians, who should hold the highest standards of truth-telling, so eager to spread rumors—and even downright libels?

There is nothing in Christian history to suggest that they have ever felt an obligation to adhere to higher standards of truth, and…do you really have to wonder at how Christians could grow up to believe silly stories? Hello, zombie Jesus? Hi there, talking snake? Hey, Virgin Mary in a bird poop stain!