Hey, where’s my booklet?

Way back in July, I proposed that an appropriate response to the inane creationist ads that were appearing on scienceblogs was for people to take advantage of one, an offer of a free booklet on creationism, and then we’d all tear it apart mercilessly. I ordered mine, a lot of you did likewise, and some of you have even written critical posts already.

I forgot.

It wasn’t my fault, though. They didn’t send me my booklet! I jumped through their hoops, I filled out their form, I did everything they asked, and I set the issue aside, anticipating that the arrival of tripe in the mail would be my wake-up alarm to get going. It never happened.

Anyway, we’ll salvage something. If you already wrote a dissection, leave a link in the comments here. I’ll try to pull off a web copy of their garbage, and use that instead. Let’s set a date — a week from today — on which I’ll post my criticisms and link to everyone else’s.

Cheesy cheap creationist frauds, <grumble, grumble, grumble>