Tulsa, Oklahoma must be paradise

That’s what I must conclude from Anna Falling’s priorities. She’s running for the office of mayor, and her #1 most important issue, the one she’s made the centerpiece of her campaign, is to get creationist displays installed in the Tulsa Zoo.

For Anna Falling, the road to city hall runs through the Tulsa Zoo.  She’s made her Christianity central to her platform and now the exhibit depicting the Christian story of Creationism is her first campaign promise.

“Today we are announcing that God will be glorified in this city.  He shall not be shunned. Upon our election, we hereby commit to honoring Him in all ways that He has been dishonored,” said Anna Falling.

This was news several years ago when the zoo board rejected a proposal to add sectarian Christian messages to their exhibits. The rejection must have rankled, since Falling now thinks this is the Most Important Issue for Tulsa.

Besides being ridiculous, though, it does make me marvel. The economy must be booming in Oklahoma; the mayor doesn’t have to concern herself with recruiting and maintaining new businesses. There must not be any crime. Race issues have disappeared. Education…oh, never mind, creationists don’t worry about good education, anyway. City services must be flawless.

I hope you Tulsans aren’t so lulled by the easy livin’ in Oklahoma that you don’t bother to participate in the political process any more. Get out of your easy chair on election day, strap on your jetpack or get in your flying car, zoom past the gumdrop mountain and the drinking fountains that dispense free beer, and vote!

Oh, wait. The Tulsa World reports that she’s making creationism in the zoos her top priority “among city issues that also include violent crime, budget woes and bumpy streets.” How can this be?

Maybe bumpy streets aren’t that big a deal when you get to work on angel’s wings.