Seeing is believing

Scientists love empiricism and evidence-based demonstrations, so elderly urologists flaunting their erections seems like an effective presentation technique in the right context. And here I’ve always just relied on boring ol’ PowerPoint.


  1. Spirula says

    I hope this doesn’t become some kind of gold standard method of evidence. Proctology meetings will become a horror show.

  2. says

    Giles Brindley’s now-famous erection
    Due to pharacologic injection
    Was a raging success
    Though the front row was less
    Than impressed by the short-arm inspection

  3. says

    I was going to suggest that this says something about at least the male portion of the population that uses PowerPoint®, but I decided that would be tasteless so I won’t…

  4. says

    PZ, we know you don’t need to go through that much trouble. As you’ve shown us in the past when you were shamelessly exposing yourself, a few buttons of your shirt should create enough of a shock to chase most people away.