Tell me this is a joke

I’m speechless. I thought most case-modders were interested in cooling their machines, but here’s the PC EZ-Bake Oven.

Now the computer savvy among us can relive the fun of having your very own personal mini-oven with the PC Ez-Bake oven! It fits in a 5 1/4″ drive bay and plugs right into your power supply with the included Molex connector. Also included is “PC Ez-Cook”, the open-source oven controller software with hundreds of easy and creative recipes for your PC Ez-Bake oven, and even a fuzzy-logic cooking control system to precisely measure the doneness of your cake, cookie, or cheese souffle. The PC Ez-Bake oven can even be used to cook your Pop Tarts, Bagel Bites, or any tiny or flat food. YUM!

If they have Linux drivers, I could so see Greg getting into this, using it to bake fillets at the lake cabin.

(via Tikistitch)


  1. Carlie says

    I would assume that the ThinkGeek people are hard at work making this a reality – it’s so in line with the rest of what they sell. And hey, the concept seems to be reasonable.

    In similar “cooking with odd implements” news, I heard on the radio today that if the outside temperature is at least 95 degrees (F) when you get to work in the morning, you can bake cookies on the dashboard. Takes from about 10:00 to 3:00, in full sun, keeping the windows all rolled up.

  2. LeeLeeOne says

    Damn! Someone “showed me up” from the eggs and sausage bits I’d fry on the county office steps in dead heat of summer. (my science teacher thought I was creative) to when discussing “Stuff I did on summer vacation” to keep myself sane.

  3. says

    Hey, before I even got to the bottom of your post, I put in an order for one…. It may be easier than wrestling with the damn Weber all the time.

  4. says

    I can come up with a much easier method. All you need is some extra metal in the right place, some paper in the right place… you can be roasting marshmallows in no time!

    In all seriousness, I bet it could be done. Even though this is a gag, I bet you could do it. Cooling would be a bitch, but not impossible.

  5. Jim says

    Anyone have PZ’s address? Shall we send him a few? How many spare drive bays does he have?

  6. Jen says

    As others have said, it’s a joke. Specifically, an April Fools joke from several years ago.

  7. Freelancer says

    C’mon, nobody’s said it yet?

    Let’s mod the hardware so the actual device resembles a Cephalapod and call it a “PZ Bake Oven”!

  8. windy says

    Another impressive product is their “Celebrity DNA”:

    42 g DNA present in every sample guaranteed or we’ll send you free DNA from our ‘Assorted Dead Presidents’ pool!

    I don’t want to imagine how big a chunk of Bill Gates would actually be needed to extract 42 grams of DNA…

  9. says

    I work in the high-performance computing field and you should see the kind of heat those supercomputers put out. I have always thought that they should harness that heat to cook pizzas. Then you could have a pizza parlor/supercomputing center. I think it would be a very popular place for computer scientists to congregate.

  10. HPLC_Sean says

    Hmm… With a few modifications I think I can turn this toy into a software-controlled Urey-Miller reactor!

  11. Sonja says

    I do have a USB cup warmer. I found them in a clearance bin at Xmas time and bought them for my coworkers (only $3 ea.).

    It gets quite hot, but the downside is it is too small for most standard mugs.

  12. mikmik says

    Oh sure, this is fine if you enjoy baking, but personally, I prefer to fry eggs, bacon, etc. and there is no better place to put your wok than directly on your your processor core. It doesn’t even require new hardware, in fact it only requires the removal of the heatsink and fan. The best thing about that is no software conflicts from installing drivers, and because you use existing components, it’s free!

    PS I have found that video encoding/editing as well as generating fractals produces the quickest cooking times for a stir fry Szechuan beef

  13. MikeM says

    Yeah, let me be the first to say, “April Fool, PZ!”.

    I am the first to say it, right?

  14. David says

    Not a joke, though, is Sonoma Mountain Village’s plan to use their data center as the primary heating source for the community (a couple thousand homes, with offices and retail). Make that waste heat work for ya…