As I mentioned earlier, I had to beg off on moderating the YearlyKos science caucus this year. I am pleased to say, though, that my replacement is Tara Smith.

Now watch. People are going to flock to YearlyKos and tell the organizers they were so impressed with Dr Smith and they sure are glad that Myers twit wasn’t there, and I’ll never get invited to the meeting again.


  1. Christian Burnham says

    Trouble commenting. Has the Pharyngula filter banned me yet again?

  2. Rich says

    You are Rubbish, PeeZed.

    I was going to buy you dinner as well.

    I suspect witchcraft…

  3. Paguroidea says

    I certainly hope you come to Yearly Kos in 2008 as a speaker and/or caucus leader! I’m eager to see you.