One sign that the fading Bush administration knows that they’ve been on the wrong side of reality is that they’re now busy scrubbing the archives, trying to change what was said in the past. Chris Mooney catches a blatant attempt to rewrite the administration’s history on global warming.

Man, the GW Bush Presidential Library is going to be a real work of art, isn’t it? Maybe it should be called a “propaganda archive” rather than a “library”.


  1. Greco says

    Man, the GW Bush Presidential Library is going to be a real work of art, isn’t it?

    “It is a President Bush library. There won’t be that much to read”, says Stephen Colbert.

  2. says

    Roll with it! If Bush wants to act like he was on board the whole time, so be it– his gang isn’t into the truth anyway– the good thing is that now they’ll ALL have to back him up. This could actually work out, you know?

  3. Southy says

    Not Exactly a new Phenomenon is it? I mean Stalin did it, Hitler did it, and GW Bush is doing it. Oh…oops did I just compare Bush to Hitler and Stalin….how odd that it was so easy!

  4. says

    How eagerly I look forward to the day that President Bush also claims he never wanted the teaching of intelligent design in schools (and not just day-after spin by his science advisor).

  5. Doc Bill says

    It’s going to be interesting to watch Global Warming drop from the list of “teach the controversy” science topics.

  6. MikeQ says

    “I have a question for everone: what is the correct temperature of the earth?”


    I’m only going to answer this because I was asked this question yesterday in a discussion on the IPCC report (Oddly enough, I was asked this on a baseball site). So the question is wrong for four reasons:
    1) How do we define correct temperature? The recent geological average? The mean of the Earth’s temperature during life’s existence? Highest biomass supported? Highest species diversity supported?

    2) The question ignores other components of global climate change, like sinking great amounts of carbon into the ocean and tapping out the earth’s buffer system on carbon

    3) The question ignores the rate of temperature change, unprecedented in geological time. It is a rate so extreme that it is having an effect on extinctions and environments across the globe.

    4) It ignores the human side of the problem, which is the most important side, for my money. And here’s where I answer your question: the correct temperature of the earth is the one that causes the least suffering to humanity. It is the one that does not cause the sea to rise and inundate coastal cities, deltas and islands. It is that simple. Now you have the answer to your question.

  7. George says

    With more and more gov docs made available only online, this is sure to become a huge problem.

    There is also the problem of fugitive documents. Things just disappear from the Web. Or never get posted.

    The centralized control that was exercised by the Superintendant of Documents no longer exists. Now individual government agencies have much greater control over what goes up on the Web and when.

    We are losing control of the public record.

  8. J Daley says

    “But actually, he thought as he re-adjusted the Ministry of Plenty’s figures, it was not even forgery. It was merely the substitution of one piece of nonsense for another. Most of the material that you were dealing with had no connection with anything in the real world, not even the kind of connection that is contained in a direct lie.”

  9. Jen says

    The George W. Bush Presidential Libary

    This always brings to mind an image of a lonely blue Porta-Potty sitting in the middle of mesquite-covered prairie near Crawford…

  10. says

    “the correct temperature of the earth is the one that causes the least suffering to humanity.”

    Oh, really? What about the suffering of other species? We’re quite outnumbered by them. Warm temperatures are great for us “naked apes,” but not for polar bears and penguins. Conversely, cold temperatures are bad for cold-blooded animals. What exactly makes our species’ suffering the ultimate mark as to what the correct temperature of the earth is?