She does look like she’s having fun

For a rather different kind of squid, here’s a pretty image. There’s also a mammal in the picture, which I understand some people might find not quite safe for work, so don’t click through unless you can handle viewing an exposed superficial epithelium.



  1. HP says

    This is the second time in as many days that I’ve seen the word “soilent.” The biscuits in the Heston movie are called “Soylent.” (IIRC, Soylent Yellow is soy, Soylent Blue is plankton, and Soylent Green is [spoiler].) Is this some kind of play on words that eludes me? What does soil have to have to do with undersea passion? Or is it just an artfully inked and colored misspelling?

  2. speedwell says

    According to the accompanying story, she’s dead, or drowning. Conspicuous lack of fun, but interesting symbolism of being captured by the selfish obsession of a lover…

  3. says

    I hate to be picky but where’s her right leg? Is she, perhaps, a unidexter, or even a pirate? Three days away from the International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

  4. Krakus says

    This is the cover of a rare Solient Green/Sulaco split EP. Soilent Green is a grindcore/doom band formerly on Relapse Records. I always knew there was a convergence between heavy metal and gain cephalopods.

    Its a good day to be a metal fan.

  5. says

    That’s some impressive dentition on the squid, too. To my vertebrate-centric eyes, that looks like the illustrator is violating the classical unity of time by a couple hundred million years of evolution. Are those really how squid “teeth” look, or has someone been influenced by fish/reptile teeth in illustration?

  6. Krakus says


    I’ve got to confess, I’m not really into Soilent Green, but as far as Relpase Records bands are concerned, try Nile for a taste of the exotic, or The End for somthing truly dicordant…but I digress, last I checked this was a science/evolution/atheism/politcs/mollusc blog…

  7. speedwell says

    Oh, and I have to share my birthday with International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Thanks for nothing.

  8. bladewriter says

    Looks like a PG-13 variation on the classic shunga
    (erotic woodblock print) by Hiroshige called
    “Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife”.
    Wikipedia has the story (and it is definitely not

  9. bladewriter says

    Er .. make that Hokusai not Hiroshige. I can’t keep
    my dirty old male Japanese artists straight.

  10. truth machine says

    That tentacle on her neck is unfortunately placed, because it creates an alternate face — of a smiling alien medusa, with the tentacle as its mouth and the woman’s mouth as its eye.

    And why are there so many people who misspell “lose”?

  11. speedwell says

    Oh, I see it; the “medusa face” is facing toward the left…

    And, truth machine, did you mean “loose?” (heh)