I was home the whole time, I swear.


Although it is true that this fine group played the Edson auditorium tonight, and there was a rumor that they dragged the most uncoordinated old geezer in the house onto the stage, and there was a faint possibility that he made an embarrassing spectacle of himself with his wooden posturings and arrhythmic spasms, I must categorically deny that it could have been me.

If anyone took photographs of this…degrading hypothetical event, I will pay good money to see them erased. If there was a video recording made, I will report any blackmail attempts to the police.

We will not speak of this again. Ever.


<moan>…I went for a walk to the coffee shop today, and everywhere I went people would grin and give me a thumbs up, or comment on last night’s “performance.” Oh, the perils of small town living—everyone was there.

I’m going to have to move far, far away. Are there any job openings for a developmental biologist in Tierra del Fuego or Tasmania? I suppose if I just lived in a cave with a bag over my head and foraged off of lichens and small invertebrates, I could get by without the job part, strictly speaking.

Oh, no…the witnesses are popping up. I think SubEvilBoy must be looking for a promotion to EvilBoy.


  1. says

    If anyone took photographs of this… degrading hypothetical event, I will pay good money to see them erased.

    Whatever PZ’s offering, I’ll double it if you post them.

  2. Mnemosyne says

    You though that Gloria Estefan was exaggerating when she sang that the “Rhythm Is Gonna Get Ya,” didn’t you?

    You should have listened.

  3. jaush says

    As a b-boy (breakdancer), and longtime Pharyngula addict, I can only hope that it may have actually been you on stage.

  4. says

    Dude, take it from someone who’s been photographed doing ’embarrassing’ things for many years, that ain’t nothing. Post them pics everywhere. It’s nice to see really smart guys do shit that I do. ;)

  5. WeatherGirl says

    I saw it all with my own eyes! The crowd was ecstatic and cheered themselves silly. His dancing style was very West Central Minnesotan so he did look a little out of place with the urban funk spectacular ethos. The glimpse of white calf was very brave.

    Congrats to Pee Zed for handling the whole thing with such grace.

    Go Paul, go Paul, go Paul …

  6. Magnus Malmborn says

    I’m definitly prepared to help Raven with that ransom… Publish, PZ, publish! You can always use it against Demski et al as just another thing them wusses wouldn’t dare to do, after discussing their motives.

  7. says

    I was once caught on camera and broadcast singing at a Irish pub on St. Patrick’s Day, so I feel your pain. Not that my singing was bad–I’m classically trained–but nevertheless it was embarassing to walk into class the next morning and having the rest of my fellow students applaud ironically.

  8. says

    He was invited on stage by one of the performers, along with about 10 others, though Pee Zed was the only one invited to stay on stage for a solo!

  9. says

    His dancing style was very West Central Minnesotan

    Having spent time in that part of the state, I’d like to give my condolences to the audience.

  10. Benji says

    They’d be heaps of work for you down here in Tasmania.I’m sure the university would love to have you. It’s very pretty here. However, Hobart is a pretty small town too. Breakdance here and everybody knows about it.

  11. says

    Try for a job in Antarctica. I don’t think Tasmania is far enough to get away from that humiliation. There are a lot of us hiding out down here from various misdemeanors. ;-) It’s only a little cold. Really.

  12. fyreflye says

    Keep your eye open for an position at UC Berkeley. Around here people get paid good money for making fools of themselves.

  13. says

    The mental picture of someone dancing with “wooden posturings and arrhythmic spasms” makes me laugh every time I picture it. :-)