1. Moses says

    The worst President ever? The worst President ever? Well, okay, you win, I can’t think of one worse.

  2. John Casey says

    I think strong cases can be made for James Buchanan doing more harm to the country, and for Franklin Pierce being more personally incompetent, but all in all, and given how much time he has left to further disimprove his record, GWB is most likely a lock for the title.

  3. says

    I think a two-term president who is truly incompetent in both terms can easily beat a one-termer incompetent in terms of damage to the country. I am having trouble thinking of another two-termer who has been as bad as Bush. Grant and Nixon both had scandals, but both also had some reasonable accomplishments, which Bush does not have. I will have to dig a bit deeper.

    Unfortunately it means that the saying “Fool me once…” is not always all that accurate as a predictor.