1. says

    She gets a huge amount of traffic, for one thing.

    But otherwise, yeah, Wonkette is not a site I read much. I guess I’m not wonky enough.

  2. says

    You don’t post enough about anal sex, PZ, and are therefore disqualified right out of the gate.

    (Neither does Reynolds, of course, but being an asshole and a dickhead both he’s personifies the topic.)

  3. Steve LaBonne says

    What a perfect place for that disgusting toad Reynolds. Finally he’s reached his true level.

  4. Jason Powers says

    I read it when I’m bored at work. There’s not much “Detailed analysis” like you’d find over at American Prospect’s blog, Wonkette is more like the New York Post’s Page 6, she just puts rumors and stuff on there, posts about things that go on in Washington around their normal business of lying, cheating and taking bribes for a living. The Wonkette site is part of a series of snotty rumor sites which really only exist to speed my journey from 9 to 5.

  5. PaulC says

    Yes, of course PZ is too dignified for Wonkette. I agree with the comparison to Page 6. It definitely represents what is most wrong with political reporting and blogging–turning it into a game, laughing at the antics of Washington insiders, and behaving as if finding an ironic perspective justifies letting everything go to crap around you while you don’t lift a hand to help.

  6. Rick says

    Too pervy for Wonkette?

    Also, I don’t get the ongoing idea behind the site. I thought Ana Marie Cox=Wonkette was the whole idea. But she’s not blogging any more. Why does the site live on?